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  3. Thanks, just making sure its not abandoned or anything.
  4. I would have agreed 15 years ago but now with Let'splays and streaming even without playing, opinions can be made!
  5. We will investigate! If anyone else experienced the same problem, please share on this post!
  6. No plans for crickets yet... (the CM attempt at a joke) The team is 100% working and focused on the game and the next update. As soon as we have something worthy to share, you'll be the firsts to know!
  7. Last week
  8. Is there anything coming any time soon? News even?
  9. I have a multiple monitor setup and was wondering if you could have it display across all of them (even not windowed)?
  10. I just bought this game and the first thing I am noticing is a beeping sound. I would love an option to turn it off as I find it very annoying. Besides this, it is a very beautiful game.
  11. And I'm not 100% sure if this email is legit, so I have not clicked any of the links. The email subject line also claims my account is locked because of this activity, but it clearly isn't, as here I am making this post. So someone in Japan, or maybe they're just using a VPN server there, is trying to access my account, and maybe yours also. I'm waiting for the mods to get back to me about whether the email is legit. It's a forum about an early access game, and not an overly active forum either, as well as one that is free for anyone to join, and yet people are trying to hack into othe
  12. My point is simply that no one can possibly know what they will or won't like in a game if they have never even played it.
  13. Once again every feedback is welcome! Some of our community members have been following the game for years, but are waiting fot it to be release on a platform they want to play on. We do not think "lesser" of those who did not purchase the game yet so every feedback from our community is welcome. As long as it is respectful.
  14. Thanks! This specific bug might have went down the list of our "priority" bug to fix. I'll transfer the message and thread to the dev and see what they can do about it!
  15. I don't mind the glitch also. There seems to be a "switch" between rendering the environment seen from inside or outside the cabin. The switch point is the doorstep. You can see it in slightly changing the brightness when you pass the doorstep leaving the cabin. If you then turn around, the staircase has disappeared. One step forward into the cabin again, the rendering switches to inside and the staircase is back. I suppose, it's not properly coupled with the automatic door closing function. The order "stop rendering the staircase" is triggered when you pass the doorstep instead after the
  16. I was just posting this because I found it interesting. I really don't care about the bug, as you can only really see it on purpose most times.
  17. Yeah, strange view. This is an old bug, already discussed here. Seems like this bug sank into oblivion while further developing the game.
  18. If you stop at just the right point when you enter the cabin, you see this.
  19. Why would you be concerned about the realism of a game that you don't even own or play?
  20. Perhaps you could replace the blueprints from the campfire with a lighter. For example, with flints that can be mined in the caves with a pickaxe. That would be a bit more realistic and the flints would run out after a few uses.
  21. i totally agree, it would be so awesome and fun to have my friends play with me!
  22. Earlier
  23. thats another way to put it! The bear is actually so cute though i would love to tame it and have it as a pet
  24. Self defense against the bear in an emergency is far from dominating the environment. And what about the fish? Even the plants? To eat and survive one has to kill something. But you're right, it's nice that the game isn't focused on hunting animals.
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