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  2. Thanks for all the team! For working so hard to help users who miss more than 16 hours of gameplay! I have not received any communication since I posted it here, by any means of communication. Great experience with the game, terrible with the developers.
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  4. It's not actually a blueprint. You will get an in game notification once you complete the journal. That means discover all landmarks, flora, and build all the rooms for the cabin. Once you do all that the item unlocks in the crafting room.
  5. I agree that hunting would be fun and all that goes with it like the others have said.
  6. So far I have found red fin perch, rain perch, pine bleak, Waltz bleak, and Pike perch. Is that all of them?
  7. Idk much but wont making soup that gives you warmth and replenishes your hunger get you back.
  8. game is done/dead, don't expect updates/fixes
  9. game is done/dead, don't expect updates/fixes
  10. Hello, I also recently got the game and often get motion sick from games with head bob. I was surprised and upset to see that this didn't have that option. Will it ever be available or should I look for a refund or hope I magically am cured from motion sickness?
  11. Has anyone found the 12th blueprint tool in the Crafting Room? The last shadowed spot looks like a stump. Now I am going back to break every box I can find, hoping to find the last blueprint. If anyone found it, it would be nice to know what it is.
  12. I can't get out and about so this game has blessed me. Please upgrade the campfire so it can be picked up and used again like so many other games do. I love going for long walks looking at everything and then have a campfire at the tent site. Thank you.
  13. Hello, I got Among Trees on Steam and as I was playing it we had a power outage which powered off the PC, after turning on the machine and going back to the game I saw that the save game file had no hours in it even though I had put in around 6 hours in, also the name was strange so I believe it got corrupted. I was wondering if there is a way to recover this save file since I don't feel like starting all over and might just give up on playing it. I'm attaching all save files I've found inside the save folder. Thanks Save_AmongTrees_0.txt Save_AmongTrees_0_Old.txt Settings_A
  14. 5 minutes in and I am suffering from this head bob, how can this be so low priority that it still hasn't been implemented in over a year? Every other game has it, so why don't you?
  15. Given the amount of interest in the subject matter I am very curious on the state of hunting being implemented into the game. I’ve had the game on my wish list for awhile, but I’ve been waiting to see if hunting would be added, or at least the option to mod it into the game. It is such a beautiful looking game, though in its current state I know it will not scratch the itch I so desired to be scratched.
  16. Please keep working on this game, or at least give it to the modding community. This is an amazing game with an astronomical amount of potential. I know it's difficult to keep projects going in times like these, but I and this whole community believe in this game and your ability to make it amazing.
  17. 1 year later and the game isn't going to get any more updates, no finished game.... just a reminder of what could have been.
  18. Nah dude LOL It's impossible if you're on a laptop. The fishing mechanics REQUIRE a functional mouse, in order to properly utilize the push/pull tug. There's really honestly zero reason the fishing needs to be so difficult when the rest of the game's harvesting mechanics are absolutely brainless.
  19. LEGO IDEAS is progect wherein consumers communicate their thought by mixing a written outline of this thought along with a sample Lego fan version that shows the notion into a job page. When the page is printed it's viewable to other consumers. The objective of each project will be encouraged by 10,000 unique users, which will then produce the project eligible for inspection. In the beginning, jobs would be held on the Cuusoo/Ideas site for as many as two decades and then removed in the event the job didn't achieve the 10,000 necessary votes of service. Lego Ideas afterwards altered the thresh
  20. If you don't like the bear, then play in zen mode rather than standard. When you choose standard, you choose the bears.
  21. echoed my thoughts on several issues. need storage in teh rooms you craft in that ties to teh crating station so it pulls from them. I have always failed to grasp why the player icon on the map was not an arrow so you know which direction you are heading. didn't think far enough through to get to personal waypoint markers. that IS a good idea. rain barrel is good, but why not a water tank in teh kitchen you can drop by and take a drink. even if required to fill from canteen and/or water can, that would STILL Be cool. I thought of a watering system for the greenhouse too. also
  22. It seems really odd that you want a nonviolent game, so we can't hunt, but he bear can attack and kill us easily. if you didn't want a violent game, why did you put the bear guarding stuff we need? THAT was uncalled for and hurts the game. have the bears out somewhere there is nothing. not to mention we can fish, which is violence against THEM. As is I will NEVER be able tog et anything where the bears are. oh. in case you forgot, fishing is way too hard and involved. needs to be like other games stardew valley you use bait and cast and wait. get a ding then pull. more than suffici
  23. Not too many open world/map games that allow players to explore and have adventures for VR. I would love to see this come to VR. Any thoughts or opinions on this?
  24. I'd like to preface this with saying I'm not sure I saw this suggestion already in the forums here, and if I'm repeating another person's suggestion, I apologize in advance! One thing that I would suggest with the crafting, is to somehow be able to see if you have items in storage when you look at the crafting areas (i.e. the crafting bench, brewery, sewing table etc). You can only see the things in your backpack, but if you're like me and have stored away different materials for later use, you could know if you have the items already without running to each of your storage boxes. Like ma
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