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  3. This is for you and anyone else having this issue where nothing shows up anymore. as a note, I spent a few hours hunting for some kind of configuration file to make this easy, but no such dice. So this will be a bit more techy than you want but it was the only way I could find to fix it. *~*~*~*FULL DISCLOSURE~*~*~*~*~*~* This does involve editing the registry. So first you will want to open your start menu for windows and type "regedit". when the window pops up, click "HKEY_USERS" so its highlighted and then click on the top menu for "Edit" and then "Find...". Enter in the "Find what" box "FJ
  4. I LOVE this game. I hope you can continue this game!! Me and a few friends are looking forward to it.
  5. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/333366081320124426/973355609124638751/unknown.png
  6. I'm really impressed! Keep it up!
  7. I would post this in the steam page for game to reach more people. Good luck. https://steamcommunity.com/app/897730
  8. I've only had one save so far, and only for 10 in game days, but i've already been trapped in the game three times. This is sort of an amalgamation of a bunch of issues, but the biggest one is that when i play on my save it will sometimes start to act bugged. (ex. clearing inventory randomly, intense lag, or getting stuck in the middle of an open clearing.) When these things happen i just go straight to the menu/ close out of the game entirely to see if that helps. Most of the time it works, but more and more frequently the pause screen won't come up at all. I'll hit esc and sit for a mi
  9. Seeing as future development on the game is unlikely at the current time, myself and a few others have started looking into modding it. There are already a plethora of modding tools available for Unity derived games, and I've been working on modifying a few others to better work with Among Trees. Some tools that work well with the game are found here, and I'm working to create a knowledge base of how the game works. If you have ever modded a Unity game or done any work with mods and/or C#, please reach out to me on discord through the official Among Trees discord server, found here.
  10. Are you part of some contest to be the most morally bankrupt human possible? I'll worry about what I do with my own time.
  11. I came here looking for info about the game having just bought it on steam and seeing this comment literally made my stomach turn. ANYBODY who would be so crude regarding someone's health when fighting cancer doesn't deserve any respect from anybody. How repugnant a human being you are to be so foul and nasty. If you've ever cared for someone who has had cancer and fought it you'd know better than to behave like this. Only some ignorant child could be so cruel and ugly, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  12. well havent you got some cancer to fight instead of arguing online
  13. oh.. I didn't know about it, THanks
  14. They obviously reached a point where they couldn't keep going, or lost motivation. 3 years on one project is pretty damn long. I'm not making excuses for them, but simply trying to look at it from a realistic human perspective. I'm actually quite content with the final result of the game. I have 100% the game about 7-8 times, and plan to play it again many more times over. I suffer from a pretty severe type of cancer, and use this game to calm myself. It's the most relaxing game I have ever played.
  15. You know that's not the issue. The issue is that they were obviously in the middle of development, and then for some reason had to drop the game and told us that it was finished, which it is just clearly not. It has nothing to do with entitlement.
  16. They kept developing the game for a year and a half after it came out on Epic and they got their big exclusive cheque. With all dues respect, like most people on here, you're delusional to reality. It stuns me that people spend $15 (or less when on sale) on a game, and then feel entitled to the developers devoting the rest of their lives to it. Entitlement is a disgusting thing.
  17. they have abandoned the game. they worked on it until they got the big juicy epic games paycheck and moved on with their life, leaving the game behind
  18. Swindled? Are you 80? And you have the game to play. You weren't "swindled" out of anything. They worked on the game for almost 3 years, and with a dev team of two (yes, 2!) people. I guess you just love to show how backward and ignorant you are.
  19. Yep. We got swindled big time LOL
  20. When I start up the game, it doesn’t give me an option to play. It only says settings and desktop.
  21. I played 20hrs, crash and restar, and my saved game, are gone , sad I dont want start again
  22. I think this game is so awesome and relaxing but there is plenty of other stuff to add to it to make it even better. I personally suggest that climate changes should be a thing in this game. I think it would be such an awesome atmosphere especially when its snowing. (some extra house rooms added would be awesome too, or maybe add another small cabin/house/tower somewhere else in the map so it wouldn't take too long to sleep, craft etc)
  23. they won't keep working on the game. they just fled with the funds
  24. So I was about to play, but wanted to try the windowed mode. Well, it did this: (The link) I've tried uninstalling the game multiple times, and then installing it back, but I'm not able to turn it back to the fullscreen mode! This is what happens when I try to open the game I have no idea what to do. I've updated everything I'm able to, and I'm not all that tech savvy. Edit: I'm using Epic games launcher!
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