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  2. I have a suggestion what could be added in future updates. You can expand the functionality of the map using ordinary charcoal. When a player burns wood in the stove to cook food, there should be 1-2 pieces of coals in the stove that could be used to "paint" on the map. For example, a player can make a mark with name "tower" on the map, when he finds such a structure, comes close to it and presses the appropriate key for interaction, that is, in order to draw a mark on the map. Thus, the player can mark all the necessary objects on the map, from towers and boxes, ending with old stumps, on which moss can spawn. In addition, I would like to ask if there are any plans for new player homes? For example, somewhere in the play area will there be another abandoned house or structure that can be restored by player actions? Or will it be possible to continue expanding and decorating the first home?
  3. Currently it's probably an issue for more people then you think. That is because the game is not complete yet, therefore - sh*t happens... My only suggestion for you is to make use of an existing bug, that hopefully will be fixed or won't be necessary in future version: 1. Get a med kit. 2. Go to the bear and get hit. 3. As soon as it hit you, press Esc and press the "I'm Stuck option". 4. Use med kit and take the loot (bear is no longer there. Will re-spawn after you leave the area.) As I said above, this is clearly a bug and I myself reported about it, and honestly, *if* you need to use it, you'll only use it once in this version to get the blueprint, where in future versions, there gonna be a solution for you situation for sure.
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  5. Seeing as there is no way to really get rid of the bears I think it would be super useful if we could make bait to distract them for 30 seconds or something like that. As of right now it is pretty hard to get past the bear and get the loot. I think that the bait can be made with the fish or the honey. I think that would make it a little easier for us but you obviously would have to find the blueprint for it, like everything else. If anyone would like to build off of this please do :)
  6. We would like to reassure you that there is no "god" complex in our studio! We have heard the request for more customization and have noted it down a couple of times already! We will add your comments to that note as well!
  7. I was talking about the sparse or rare material that isn't found literally everywhere. Not everything. Also, it could be more of a dedicated item tracker that you can toggle through or something. I'm just throwing out ideas. Skills would be useful though.
  8. Same with me, I don't think it is my computer, but if it is, tell me please! CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 3600 RAM: 16GB GPU: Ryzen RX 580
  9. Can't tell if the main character is a guy or lady? And why does it have to be white? Can't we chose gender and race? Seems like these indie games always make the character look like the creator. Don't they know other people exist too? Just like the long dark game where the main character is a bearded neck white guy who looks just exactly like the creator. They always think they are the main character of everything
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  11. @Trevor I really didn't mean it to sound hostile, I thought it would have this kind of impact because text doesn't have a tone of speaking, and my tone, in my head, wasn't hostile. I will say again that I did not mean to hurt you and I apologize. I agree with what you're sayin' man. Having to redo your progress is a hassle, and it sucks. And by another look at what I wrote I see that I judged you a bit. Noted to Self: Be more empathetic.
  12. Hi, -I wanted to share an idea, i think add a mystical and magical side to the game would fit perfectly with the game and would be so cool, like for exemple some mystical hostile/peaceful mobs, items, why not some dreamy biomes for exemple Crystal biome etc etc. -We absolutly need an FOV setting. -Optimization to reduce lag and 240Hz support would be cool as well. -Of course a multiplayer mode would be just heaven. -In my opinion randomize the world would be nice, maybe even make a "Multiple world system" with different seed could be nice too. -Play and add mechanics with the night time would be cool, like the night time could reveal some items, add special mobs etc.
  13. Hi gigos, it seemed like your comment was a little hostile and attacking; let me explain my thought process. I believe the point of playing video games is to have fun. One of my personal biggest pet peeves in games is something happing, whether it be an action of myself (like this) or something out of my control (like a corrupted save), that makes me redo progress that I have already done. That is something that personally ruins a gaming experience for myself. Most of the crafting survival games I have played have included an autosave system or a respawn system with some sort of downside (losing items, decreased stats and such) which makes things easier, but I believe that respawning can ruin the experience. I'm not suggesting that a respawn feature should be a part of this game as I feel like it would not fit at all. I'm not arguing against the fact that what happened to me was fault of my own actions. I was frustrated with myself and myself alone that I forgot to save then lost a bunch of my progress. I was just putting a suggestion out there that maybe an autosave element could be implemented to prevent this happing to someone else who also feels like redoing progress ruins a gaming experience. I wasn't trying to take a stab at the game developers or offend you in the process. I'm not suggesting that if this is implemented in the future that it be mandatory for every player to use. I believe that players should be able to turn it off if they believe that autosaving ruins the experience, but the option is there in case someone wants to use it. If there is a feature that makes one player enjoy playing the game more and is toggleable so another player that believes it ruins the experience can turn it off so they also enjoy playing the game more, I don't see the problem. As long as you're enjoying the game that's all that really matters. I think this game is great so far and I cannot wait to see the future that this game holds. I appreciate your feedback on my suggestion.
  14. It seems to me you just missed the point of the game. Also, I think you are lack of experience in this genre of games, because in almost every survival-crafting game, there is only one spot where you can save the game. And to be honest, it is you fault that this experience happened. I saved the game every time I went to the cabin and every time in the morning when I go out. You can suggest to have the option to be able to save in a tent as well, but auto save would just ruin the experience. Maybe not to you, but you are not the majority of players. Sorry if it's a bit harsh, it's just the truth. Sorry if I offend.
  15. Well once you finished building it all and crafted the best bag pack and the best clothes, not much is left to do.. I come for a visit once in a while to create tents and scatter them around, making small camps all over the map. For no particular reason I may add. What left to do is just wait for the next patch to be out..
  16. Ok, people, avoiding the bear is not the answer- there is a blueprint there. The question is, now to get to the stuff the bear is roaming around. I have lured the bear away, but it does not stay away long enough. I am confused at how to get the loot and avoid the bear, as I have exhausted the four other sites.
  17. I know this has been mentioned but I just wanted to throw in my request as well. I just found out about this game and could see completely losing myself in the beautiful environment.... BUT.. These days I try and do as much as I can with my partner and/or small friend group. I would love a relaxing game like this where my partner and I could build up our place or spend time just exploring. Not having the option to play together is the reason I didn't purchase it on the spot and I don't plan to unless this feature gets added, I signed up for the updates and wish listed. It looks like a beautiful game and I wish the team all the best!
  18. In the meantime, may I suggest that you save every morning just before leaving the cabin? If you come back to the cabin during the day, save again before heading back out.
  19. I actually made it up into the NE mountain range and was able to walk around there to the edge of the world. The devs and designers put food and fauna up there, so I had a tent end spent 3 nights roaming around from the top left corner of the map across the whole top edge and down the whole left edge. There is nothing else up there and the most exciting part is that you can stand on top of the large waterfall. Regardless, it was fun managing to climb up there. Will try doing the same into he bottom right corner to see if I can complete the edges of the map
  20. I have been playing for a few hours (was on day 7) and I finally took my chances trying to loot around a bear. Short story short: died to bear. I loaded the latest save not remembering at all when the last time I saved was, and I ended up back on day 2... I was so frustrated that I just quit. I think it would be great if there was an autosave feature along side the manual save you can do at the journal. Maybe autosave every morning or something so in case someone does die while playing, the maximum progress they can lose is 1 day's worth (instead of 70% of my total progress).
  21. There is something nice about coming home to a fireplace.. let alone sitting by one. Possible game suggestions: - Add Fireplace to cabin (use of which is to warm the cabin or simply a décor piece) and an arm chair where you can take a short rest (wait until night fall maybe, if there is ever 'night" content). - Add seasonal decorations: pumpkins, vase with flower/dried berries and leaves, small tree you can chop down for Christmas and craft ornaments for.
  22. Feedback: Late Game Hi there! Just wanted to give a bit of feedback as I'm made it into the late game of Among Trees. By the time you finish upgrading the cabin and get all your gear, not much is left but to explore. There is a bit of an imbalance with the use of Sticks and Fir Planks. Fire Planks are mainly used to upgrade the cabin, but the second you are done there is really not much use for them other then possibly décor crafting (very minimum). Meaning you are resorted to chopping down trees to get 3 sticks and 3 fir planks, with planks just taking up space in your storage while sticks are used for cooking, décor, and other various crafting. I don't doubt there will be more use for Planks as new updates come out, but as of right now, I feel they should be used in the stove and to build a campfire. To summarize: - Give Fir Planks more use (add to stove, build/add to campfire).
  23. I definitely want to see full support for xbox one controller
  24. We hear you! But as a small studio/team with a game that gathered much attention (to our pleasure) Many different people have many different "idea" of what is 101/important/can't play without. We do have to juggle all the bugs/updates/new feature and decisions, sacrifices have to be made! But we are aware of it and it is on our list!
  25. I use non-standard key bindings and the game is too annoying to play until you let me rebind the sprint key. Stop putting this off please, this is usability 101.
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  27. Hi! Are your sounds and other drivers up to date?
  28. Oh no Velora we're sorry you have lived such an experience with the game! Some of the advices above us are really really good! We hope you won't have this sentiment again when you will be playing, is the zen mode something more for you probably? Hugs!
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