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  2. Version 0.4.8 Pet menu not opening when pressing middle mouse button
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  4. Interesting thought, I have to admit that I hadn't thought about implementing the bow. But I think the developers could come up with something. After all, fishing isn't just about throwing and retrieving; I can't judge very well because I don't have the game. You say that loot usually finds you, not the other way around. It's a way of playing. We all know that you only need this one thing and that you have to search half the forest for it. We'll stalk then at the latest ; ) I don't think you would buy the game because of the hunt. There are enough alternatives. Maybe you played the long dark. The hunt there looks very interesting. Maybe an impetus too. For me, it's less about the hunt itself and more about the opportunities it offers, as I mentioned above. Thank you for sharing your opinion here.
  5. My style of gameplay thus far was mostly to wander around and let the impressions, discoveries and loot find me, not the other way round. I still have many white spots on my map, because I don't actively go out to close the gaps. I just follow my nose. Placing traps around the hut area and occasionally collecting the bounty could work with that. Stalking prey over a period of time would not. And any simple point-and-click solution to bow hunting would just be - meh....
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  7. Hello Shep Thank you for your reply. For me, the roadmap ends in summer 2020. The last entry is in September with the New soundtrack additions. It could be that I just don't know how the roadmap works.
  8. It is kept up to date! But as always is subjected to changes!
  9. Loving the visuals 



  10. Love the game but just wondering if anyone was wanting the same as me which is choosing the field of view, I like to play on like high fov wondering if there are plans for this in the future?
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  12. yeah happened to me , then the 2nd fish i caught i couldnt click GOT IT , and pressed escape and also lost the damned fish , its now 2021 and this bug still hasnt been fixed
  13. It would be great if we could change the ky bindings. Regards McNailz
  14. Tree Climbing for larger trees, It would be neat to get a higher look around. maybe you could craft some logging gear that lets you
  15. Name them. Please. I have Medieval Dynasty (early access) survival (Just got a mini patch, hadn't updated in a while) Conan's new expac (hasn't updated in a short while) survival, Subnautica: Below Zero, they come out in batches. Ever hear of No Man's Sky? It comes out in two forms; Large Packs (Next, Beyond, etc) or Medium Packs (Abyss, Living Ships etc). 3 to 4 days? Never seen it. Among Trees is still my favorite atm... Fox Pet!!!
  16. and im using ryzen 5-2600 with rtx 3070 can only got 50-60 fps, also my gpu reach 70c-74c
  17. Id really like the ability to hunt with bow and arrow and also do some trapping, I think it would mesh well with the current feel of the game. I don't think firearms would fit though, the sound of a gunshot among the trees would just kill the vibe in my opinion.
  18. I can understand your aspect. What I actually wanted to address with this topic is the use of animal products. I've seen quite a few comments about using a bow. If some don't want that, that's okay too. I think we have the forum to discuss various ideas. Where if not here can we exchange ideas? What do you mean by doesn´t match with the pacing of it ? I think there should be no electricity in this game. Everything should be handmade. A kind of deceleration. I've seen some posts that don't suit me at all (vehicles, batteries, flashlights and more). I think that with clothing that makes camouflage easier to sit in a bush and wait until a rabbit or something else comes by would be exactly that kind of taking what you need and nothing more. To be in symbiosis with the forest. Or is it about active killing? Edit: THX Woody
  19. I would not consider hunting an enrichment of the game. Just doesn´t feel right for me - doesn´t match with the pacing of it. Crafting snare traps to catch rabbits on the other hand could work.
  20. You are missing the beauty of the container while rushing to find all available content. As I said, this game probably is not for you... I spend hours just walking around, finding new spots to wonder at (scenery, setting, lighting). Sometimes, at the end of the day, I come back to the hut with no loot at all - but still consider that day everything but wasted.
  21. Strange, it runs completely smooth on a medium range PC for me.... no freezes for me either. Maybe check for background tasks which might be interfering.
  22. Interesting idea. The developers have to do two things first. 1. Incorporate seasons into the game 2. The hut needs a fireplace. Both have already been addressed in other posts. Maybe they'll do it.
  23. Hey, I guess a good option would be to add house heating witch wood on cold days.In addition, more stuff and house modifications could be needed because the game is going to be completed very quickly. What do you think about it? Greetings !
  24. Thank you for participating in this topic. So far we few have agreed that there can be a place to hunt or catch. It would be nice if more would comment on this topic. Maybe a vote would also be something that would help the development team.
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  26. I'm into the idea of basic bow-and-snare hunting. Or having your l'il fox fren go snag some rabbits for you.
  27. I've had a craving lately for a very specific game. Take the meme/running joke of "I'm going to run away into the woods and become a hermit/witch, have a nice garden, and make friends with the animals." I was sure it didn't exist, but today I found Among Trees. Even as a baby, the game is beautiful and peaceful. I haven't gotten too far into exploring the map or mechanics, I've just been enjoying the idyllic scenery. It's actually been incredibly soothing, which is something I really needed. I can't wait to see this grow and flesh out. Most of the ideas I had while wandering around have already come up in these forums, so I just wanted to send some love and kudos. I'm all about the idea of adding extra layers of challenge to the game, say in the form of weather and seasons and the like, but don't sacrifice what it is: A peaceful survival game in a lovely wood. There are plenty of action-packed fighting survival games. What you've created here is something lovely that stands out, so don't lose that. ...But maybe there should be something to do about the bears. And I don't know if you've considered eventually adding a character creation mechanic, but bright unnatural hair and eye colors are a must. I want long curly green hair and space buns to complete my forest-witch daydream. Thanks, DevTeam. I honestly haven't felt this relaxed in weeks.
  28. J'aimerais bien pouvoir noter directement sur la carte : ce qu'il y a à tel endroit, ou j'ai laissé ma tente, etc.
  29. Bonjour, je suis toute nouvelle dans ce jeu. J'habite le Québec. Je crois que la chasse avec piège comme le comprend les Amérindiens serait très utile. Amélioration du menu et des vêtements plus chauds.
  30. Yesterday finally I got the idea to search the web about the Error Code EX0 - and Google almost exploded. The Invision forum programmers seem to be unable to fix it. So sad...
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