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  1. I wonder, what version are available on Steam now? in regards to the version living on Epic Store, where I assume follows the Patch notes on this forum, current 0.5.32, November 12, 2021. What lies within the statement «Among Trees is finally available on Steam and out of Early Access», and what is that in regards to the version through Epic Store? I purchased the game back in August 6, 2020, on Epic Store, and enjoyed the game, with shallow game play, and no game lore, or goals in game, other than the cabin improvement and some equipment. Back then, a year ago, I had hopes for
  2. This question is one of mine as well, and so fare I do not have the answer for it, so I keep looking for one ... But, will not the version on the Epic store, also be fully "released"? Me, wonder what's coming out of the fog here ...
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