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  1. Nah dude LOL It's impossible if you're on a laptop. The fishing mechanics REQUIRE a functional mouse, in order to properly utilize the push/pull tug. There's really honestly zero reason the fishing needs to be so difficult when the rest of the game's harvesting mechanics are absolutely brainless.
  2. Still no update on the painfully impossible fishing mechanics, eh? Too bad.
  3. "Now that all cards are on the "table". We do have some news. We will share them once the team has properly worked on its statement." Over a month, now since this was said. Kind of a long time to work on a statement... I'm not inclined to give up on something easily, but whether or not this IS dead, it doesn't bode well for things like patches/future updates if y'all can't even release a statement within 30 days of announcing it. Communication is a pivotal part of any successful relationship and while I can understand the development team is very small, it doesn't take long to
  4. That's true, for sure, but there's also the enjoyment factor. I'm concerned that it might get stale if I can't travel far enough to enjoy all the beautiful art without dying
  5. They produce food and drop seeds, but you're telling me a person is gonna starve after only one day of not properly eating? In reality, people can survive for 40 days without food, so long as they have water. It frustrates me, cause I spend most of the game running around looking for food, instead of actually exploring like I'd like to. Same with the sleepiness. Neither of those things should, in fact, kill you. Especially not as quickly as they do.
  6. So basically, loving the game so far - really impressed with the feel of it. Very atmospheric, but in a calming and restful sort of way (except when I run into the massive bear LOL) -- Beautiful soundtrack and ambiance and really overall just lovely. A few suggestions just off the top of my head - I'm sure some of these have been suggested before, but here goes, anyhow... Seasons | Obviously this is a BIG undertaking and I could totally understand if it isn't feasible with the game design, but I'd love to see a change in the seasons. Warmer weather in summer, cooler in the fall... S
  7. Feedback : Starvation and Sleepiness Core Message: Loving the game so far. Beautiful and peaceful. Biggest complaint is how quickly it takes to starve to death. Resources after 20 or so days become a little thinner, and running around exploring is a lot more fun when I don't have to stop every ten seconds to eat. No one in reality dies after being hungry for a day. It's a little silly, honestly, and gets in the way of doing other things. Starvation should be waaaaay slower. Also, dying from being tired seems kinda strange. Passing out, yeah, but outright dying? I guess if you get co
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