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  1. Unfortunately, your communication schedule shows everything but a 100% dedication - at least towards those of us who took the time (and a little money) to join this journey of development and feedback. And I think leaving a little note every once in a while isn't asking too much. If there are reasons why you're taking a leave on this project for some time, why not simply say so? Just make sure to call back the by time you promised. Everything else looks quite ... disinterested. Still hoping for news from you guys.....
  2. May I suggest an alteration to the watering mechanics altogether? I found the plants instantly dying when running out of water to be quite frustrating... Why not have two timers for the plants: one for growth (as before), one for life (somewhat longer lasting). The first runs out, when the water level reaches zero. Immediately, the life timer takes over. Plants stop growing, but continue to live as long as they are re-watered within the life timer. This way, the penalty for not keeping your plants watered at all times is somewhat more forgiving (and realistic). Fully grown plants do
  3. Your experience regarding food management seems to be quite different to mine. I usually pick up enough food to last me the day during my travels. Yes, I might have to detour for some of that - but that's how it usually is in the wild, right? It's all a matter of choosing your pace. If you just keep running after the next required item and don't look left nor right every once in a while, not only will you miss the beautiful views but also most of the food that the forest floor is littered with. I do agree that the daytime cycle could be a little longer - but not too much, maybe 25%-50% mo
  4. While the idea of having other characters in the game might be appealing to some, for me it's actually the solitude and calmness that makes the experience attractive. Not sure if a mentor-like figure or quest-giver would really improve that... If at all, survival guidance should come from the fox after being friends with it for some time. It could lead you to certain key locations after wandering around with you for a while and noticing what it is you're looking for. Also, what's with the demand for some way to either fight, control or otherwise get rid of the bears? They roam quite
  5. I agree. I´ve already made a suggestion asking for an option to craft sticks out of planks once you´re done with building.
  6. Getting lost is not always a bad thing. I usually wander around aimlessly in this game and see what corner I will turn next. Of course, after a while the immediate surroundings of the cabin become familiar enough to know your way around. But I cherish this game explicitly for allowing me to get lost every once in a while. I getting lost feels bad for you, learning to move around with the map and compass isn't too hard. They're both readily available.
  7. I'm not quite sure I know what "one thing" you are referring to... I believe I have unlocked almost everything the game has to offer as of now, and not once did I have to rush, grind, farm or actively seek out something in particular. I usually encounter the required items after some time wandering around.
  8. My style of gameplay thus far was mostly to wander around and let the impressions, discoveries and loot find me, not the other way round. I still have many white spots on my map, because I don't actively go out to close the gaps. I just follow my nose. Placing traps around the hut area and occasionally collecting the bounty could work with that. Stalking prey over a period of time would not. And any simple point-and-click solution to bow hunting would just be - meh....
  9. I would not consider hunting an enrichment of the game. Just doesn´t feel right for me - doesn´t match with the pacing of it. Crafting snare traps to catch rabbits on the other hand could work.
  10. You are missing the beauty of the container while rushing to find all available content. As I said, this game probably is not for you... I spend hours just walking around, finding new spots to wonder at (scenery, setting, lighting). Sometimes, at the end of the day, I come back to the hut with no loot at all - but still consider that day everything but wasted.
  11. Strange, it runs completely smooth on a medium range PC for me.... no freezes for me either. Maybe check for background tasks which might be interfering.
  12. Nope, same here. Especially, when trying to follow links in notifications. One of the facts of life at this time, I'm afraid...
  13. It seems I failed to make my point correctly. I just wanted to report that I also had to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode once to actually enable my native resolution - hoping that this would solve your problem. Apparently, I was mistaken...
  14. I am actually running it in 2560 x 1080. You`ll have to disable windowed mode in the launcher to force native resolution, I think.
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