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  1. Yesterday finally I got the idea to search the web about the Error Code EX0 - and Google almost exploded. The Invision forum programmers seem to be unable to fix it. So sad...
  2. Yes, I understood you, therefore my twinkle. My goal is only to take from the forest what I really need to live in my cosy cabin - till the game maybe turns into a new, expanded direction. One hasn't to chop down living trees only to get sticks for the always greedy kitchen oven. There are enough dead trees around for sticks. Hunting would be nice. The meat, the fur, the leather - I would love to wear a leather hat outside during rain.
  3. Apart from the fact that such behavior wouldn't be hunting - rather rampage Bow hunting and rabbit traps would be okay since one could craft and maintain the hunting equipment. Firearms don't fit the current game setting and ammo can hardly made by yourself.
  4. I agree and enjoy the game every day the way as it is.
  5. Not really, but thanks anyway. I'll wait some days whether a fix takes place and if not, I'll report my own post to reach a moderator here (if one exists). With these bugs the forum is that weird like a leafed bear:
  6. Yes, I've seen that the forum was down and was hoping, the Admins take their time to fix the errors. Have you tried the links which I posted above? There's nothing fixed. Well, I'm not a Facebook member and will never be. Could you please give me a link to that response? Thanks. If the forum provider will be changed, our postings sadly will be lost. I don't believe that the current admins have the willingness or knowledge to transfer the database to a new forum. The current forum isn't that bad. There are a lot of very nice features e.g. the activity function (the links there currently throw errors *sigh*), the ability to upload a huge amount of photos/screenshots via drag 'n drop. If there weren't these annoying errors...
  7. Unfortunately, the bugs mentioned by me on December 29, 2020 are still present. Come on Admins, what's up with you guys? Won't you fix that or are you unable to fix that?
  8. Setting marks on the map, with an own in-game description, would be a great feature. You don't have to take a photo of the map. The key F3 takes a game screenshot - of the map too. You'll find the screenshots in your "Pictures" folder. Then rename the screeshot to describe the location. Disadvantage: you cannot view the screenshot easily while playing until you have loaded it up to the phone...
  9. Thanks for confirmation. Despite trying different browsers, I wasn't really sure whether the errors also happen to other users. These glitches render the forum quite unusable. So let's hope this will be fixed soon.
  10. Well, it's not about the game - It's the forum itself. There are several bugs that are very annoying. I see the "Error EX0" almost every time by clicking a link inside the forum. Most of the errors seem to be thrown by links aiming to a specific posting. Contacting the forum admins is useless and futile (I did it several times) and nothing happens. One may reproduce some errors by clicking these links: https://forum.amongtreesgame.com/topic/1206-lights/?do=getLastComment https://forum.amongtreesgame.com/topic/1206-lights/?do=findComment&comment=4205 https://forum.amongtreesgame.com/topic/1169-in-game-music/?do=findComment&comment=4052 https://forum.amongtreesgame.com/topic/1144-my-general-review-long/?do=findComment&comment=3939 Tested with Firefox 84.01 and SRWare Iron 85.0.4350.0, Win 10 Pro x64 Am I the only one who suffers from this error orgy?
  11. Lol, I'm not confused, I was only puzzling over your quoting. Well, next time such shadow appears I'll take a screenshot (if not too busy while gaming) and post it here. A short video would be better, but I haven't figured out how to make one.
  12. How would you craft such items? What about a spaceship or a bear blaster ? Well, you may find them in hidden bunkers. However, I think that too modern technical items would move the game setting in another direction than intended. More animals would be nice, but please no boars (the bear causes enough trouble) and a backpack for the fox. He could then carry his food in case of longer expeditions.
  13. What kind of shadows are they then? They also crawl sometimes over the outside of my cabin door for example... They crawl, not swaying like tree shadows. They cannot be rock shadows, because they appear like patches.
  14. Could you make the shadows of small clouds a little bigger? Sometimes when I'm not moving, a bear-sized and quite sharp-edged shadow crawls from my backside over me, and every time I get scared almost to dead because I think the bear is sneaking up on me.
  15. Well, the bug-board seems to have a bug. I cannot expand the report descriptions to read them entirely. Tested with Chrome, Firefox and Pale Moon, with no blocking anything on the site.
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