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  1. I'm really impressed! Keep it up!
  2. Are you part of some contest to be the most morally bankrupt human possible? I'll worry about what I do with my own time.
  3. They obviously reached a point where they couldn't keep going, or lost motivation. 3 years on one project is pretty damn long. I'm not making excuses for them, but simply trying to look at it from a realistic human perspective. I'm actually quite content with the final result of the game. I have 100% the game about 7-8 times, and plan to play it again many more times over. I suffer from a pretty severe type of cancer, and use this game to calm myself. It's the most relaxing game I have ever played.
  4. They kept developing the game for a year and a half after it came out on Epic and they got their big exclusive cheque. With all dues respect, like most people on here, you're delusional to reality. It stuns me that people spend $15 (or less when on sale) on a game, and then feel entitled to the developers devoting the rest of their lives to it. Entitlement is a disgusting thing.
  5. Swindled? Are you 80? And you have the game to play. You weren't "swindled" out of anything. They worked on the game for almost 3 years, and with a dev team of two (yes, 2!) people. I guess you just love to show how backward and ignorant you are.
  6. Larch camping trip with the fox.
  7. There you go, Fixed it for you.
  8. It's never going to happen. Development on this game is over. It will be PC only forever.
  9. You seem to think that the game wasn't out until it went to Steam. It matured on Epic for two years before that. I'm not saying it doesn't have flaws now, but it used to have a hell of a lot more.
  10. It's not actually a blueprint. You will get an in game notification once you complete the journal. That means discover all landmarks, flora, and build all the rooms for the cabin. Once you do all that the item unlocks in the crafting room.
  11. If you don't like the bear, then play in zen mode rather than standard. When you choose standard, you choose the bears.
  12. Great to see some performance improvements. There have been people on Reddit reporting sub-60 FPS on a 3070. I get a solid 40-45 FPS @ 1080p high settings on my GTX 1650 Super.
  13. Source: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/897730/view/3063004249996232625
  14. Been trying to find it myself. Can't either.
  15. Sure... it's a new film called anavarrog is an overly entitled who can't spell.
  16. A controller will work better in Epic installed games if you add Epic to your Steam library, and just keep Steam open. It sounds odd, but it works. That's how I got my controller to work properly in Rocket League, which is now an Epic exclusive. This method worked for me, and it seems to work with any controller. Here are the instructions
  17. They used to re-grow, but that seems to have stopped with the last update.
  18. With all due respect... your preferences are your problem. I personally find it pathetic that people feel entitled to a bunch of stuff because they spent a few bucks on a game. "I bought your game, and now you work for me." That's delusional thinking.
  19. I have to give as huge thumbs down to changing the fox to a dog.
  20. Says a person who was literally spamming the forum.
  21. Do you really think that making another thread about this is going to help your not understanding how to play a survival game? A good start would be not eating poisonous food. The game literally tells you when something can poison you. This is on you, and you need to make a first aid kit to cure the poisoning.
  22. I find fishing quite easy. Try turning down mouse sensitivity.
  23. The fox shows up outside the cabin on day 10.
  24. I notice since the last update the chicory suddenly seems much more rare. I have only been able to find 2 so far in a new game I started. Anyone else?
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