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  1. Just tried to recreate the error with another beehive. The next beehive I hit did not cause the crash and auto walk. Hopefully this is just a Heisenbug.
  2. New game, Zen Easy mode. Day 4. System Windows 10.0.19041 x64-based PC. After attacking the bee hive north of the cabin the game froze. System gave me the error "the program has stopped responding...." I picked the "wait for program to respond" The game un-froze seconds later. My character was auto walking backwards and to the left while getting attacked from bees. I fought the auto walk to get away from bees. I used the game menu item "I'M STUCK" to try and reset the auto walk. My character was moved but I was still auto walking with no way to stop it. I fought the auto walk back to the cabin to save. Saved game, exited to game menu. After loading I was no longer stuck auto walking. However the beehive stump is now gone.
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