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  1. Wow guess people at this game aren't so friendly. Whatever. I started over and finished everything in the game. I'll remember not to use the forums.
  2. Fishing is fine. Got the hang of it now!
  3. I got poisoned by food I made and did not notice. I am on the last piece of life and I saved it for some stupid reason. I cannot play the game now as I have nothing to fill up life. I have closed to desktop, I have tried to go back 20 seconds. Nothing will get me back to normal. Can someone help and wipe the last save?
  4. I love this game but I cannot seem to play it after saving at that bad point. Is there any way the devs can wipe the last save?
  5. Guys Thanks! I turned down the mouse and used full screen. I was in windowed at that time. Caught over 40 fish! TY!
  6. I went to eat and somehow made a poisonous bowl of death mushroom and fish. To top it off I saved it while on the last drop of life and cannot make anything in time to counteract the poison.I tried hitting stuck. I tried going to the desktop. The last few seconds of being poisoned keeps allowing me to die whenever I get back in. Can someone fix this?
  7. Problem with keeping tension: the fish basically goes offscreen while you are holding the tension. I can't even see it anymore when swaying in the opposite direction. Still 5 days w/o a fish. This is becoming a problem.
  8. It's been 4 days now of fishing. There has got to be an easier way. I have watched a lot of videos, read a lot of comments, still cannot bring up a fish. Tension too low mostly. This should be easier to do, as you need to feed your fox, and make clothing. My fox hasn't eaten since the day I got him. I have played numerous fishing games in the past, and this one is by far the hardest. Been watching this guy as he easily catches fish. Wondering what I'm doing wrong. This is a deal breaker for me to play the game.
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