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  1. I was looking for a survival game with a cabin, and fishing and I found it! Had tons of fun and made it through the game in 25 days. Real time 15hrs. So looking forward for more adventure! Good Job!
  2. 1. Change the fox to a dog and let it level as it is fed or finds loot. 2. Introduce some catfish and bass to the lakes and make them diff sizes. 3. Take away all the fog in game except for certain areas. It will look more beautiful. 4. Mark notes on map (above me mentioned this) 5. Take away some shrubbery around the fir trees. We lose sticks and lumber when they fall into shrubs. 6. Add some better stacking on items. Such as jute rope etc.. 20 on a space would be better. 7. Add a shovel in Tools and let us dig for worms to use for bait. Add some nice looking lu
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