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  1. echoed my thoughts on several issues. need storage in teh rooms you craft in that ties to teh crating station so it pulls from them. I have always failed to grasp why the player icon on the map was not an arrow so you know which direction you are heading. didn't think far enough through to get to personal waypoint markers. that IS a good idea. rain barrel is good, but why not a water tank in teh kitchen you can drop by and take a drink. even if required to fill from canteen and/or water can, that would STILL Be cool. I thought of a watering system for the greenhouse too. also
  2. It seems really odd that you want a nonviolent game, so we can't hunt, but he bear can attack and kill us easily. if you didn't want a violent game, why did you put the bear guarding stuff we need? THAT was uncalled for and hurts the game. have the bears out somewhere there is nothing. not to mention we can fish, which is violence against THEM. As is I will NEVER be able tog et anything where the bears are. oh. in case you forgot, fishing is way too hard and involved. needs to be like other games stardew valley you use bait and cast and wait. get a ding then pull. more than suffici
  3. I really wanted to like this game. IT is EXACTLY the KIND of game I want. however, it seems they/you focused entirely on how it looks and didn't care too much how it works. First, people don't starve to death in a day, or die of thirst either. an average human can go thee days without water and seven without food. sure, this is not reality, but as a game that makes it EVEN WORSE. constantly being driven by unrealistic dietary and climate demands kills the fun of the game. btw, what biome do you know of that grows all forms of plants and berries by day and can freeze a man to death at nigh
  4. I was playing on average/medium level. it was hard, so I started a game of easy settings. In ten days I accomplished far more than the game I started in medium. HOWEVER, I finally got to the mines and had the same problem. ran to the larch trees and it was the same there too. what kind of mind determines that if you play easy, you can't do what you need to advance the game? I REALLY wanted to like this game, but it really sucks. too fast hunger/water/cold dying. I guess they don't know an average man can live three days without water, 7 without food and what biome grows plants in the day and
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