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  1. There are less than 17 hours before the game is released in Steam. How long should we wait for the promised keys for people who purchased the game in early access?
  2. Will you update Among Trees in the future? Or is this the end of the game? There is an inscription in the steam that "It's a game we could keep working on forever, but we'll be moving on to new exciting projects for now!" Does it mean that you are closing the project and will no longer release updates and support Among Trees??
  3. You said that there will be no change of seasons in the game. What about zoning the game? Make mountain locations where the snow will lie. The freezing mechanic is already in the game. Make a smooth transition from forest to mountain terrain ( not much forest, bushes and stones) to mountain location (snow, snowy forest). Add ropes, lifts, and warmer clothing. Make the seasons local or zonal
  4. It seems to me that drawing trees is not working properly Untitled.mp4
  5. Please fix in turn. Sometimes it’s very difficult to find the latest update.
  6. Who knows where this place is?
  7. I'm getting 40-60fps max. low setting - Intel Core i5 6500 - Nvidia GTX 960 4Gb - 8GB DDR4
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