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  1. game is done/dead, don't expect updates/fixes
  2. game is done/dead, don't expect updates/fixes
  3. All you can do is hope for severe bug fixes, but not new features. Game is dead done
  4. All you can do is hope for severe bug fixes, but not new features. Game is dead done
  5. Steam Version is also 0.5.32 from alpha straight to production
  6. It is basically abandoned since epic gave them exclusive money, just read the forum.
  7. LOL. Guess i need to apologize, i just got my steam key through itch.io!
  8. Haha, even forgot about that. any bets no one will get them?
  9. lol, hold you ideas, game is dead and done
  10. hold your ideas, game is dead.
  11. LOL and i got so many dislikes for my calling out the obvious posts. what a wild ride. game is dead and was since the early access release on epic. i guess the "back from vacation" post never comes. understandable, what to write after basically a 13 month vacation since the release on epic. just a shameless rip off and endless lies. thanks.
  12. lol, still not on itch. and i got so many dislikes for my posts... everything was true. still no update from the devs or the so-called community manager. what a shit show this has been. "5 year" development, lol.
  13. Nice, text and an item, what do you guys think (some) people will get this update? Mid 2022? With some people i mean that still no updates on itch.io
  14. Well, not much of an big update, just some "code" fixes and one new item added via play maker. thanks for the "vacation update".
  15. the "Community Manager" was last online here a month ago.... there is no way that anyone still thinks they care for the "community".
  16. i'm almost certainly sure its basically dead. see the other threads, a month ago they said they will release a "back from vacation" post shortly... well nothing happened so far and pretty much every promise hasn't been kept so far (steam release after 15 month, updates on itch.io, etc).
  17. And another 2 weeks with any communication. feelsbadman
  18. Well, maybe lets wait for something real to happen, not just some words and a lot of 100%s.
  19. Thanks for your anual forum posts @FJRD Shep . No, im not only here to downvote, i just don't like creating accounts for every useless forum there is, but i could send you my itch.io payment info if you doubt that i bought your game on that platform, which, as you might now, hasn't received any update since nov 2020, despite the fact that you guys stated otherwise a couple of times. Also, good for your small team, having no time to comment once a week on the forum to spend months on vacation. lol. but thanks for not trying for more empty excuses. a honest game update proberbly would help your
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