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  1. And another 2 weeks with any communication. feelsbadman
  2. Well, maybe lets wait for something real to happen, not just some words and a lot of 100%s.
  3. Thanks for your anual forum posts @FJRD Shep . No, im not only here to downvote, i just don't like creating accounts for every useless forum there is, but i could send you my itch.io payment info if you doubt that i bought your game on that platform, which, as you might now, hasn't received any update since nov 2020, despite the fact that you guys stated otherwise a couple of times. Also, good for your small team, having no time to comment once a week on the forum to spend months on vacation. lol. but thanks for not trying for more empty excuses. a honest game update proberbly would help your
  4. Also, look at the user profiles. FJRD: Last Visited May 20, FJRD Shep, August 20. At least the so called "Community Manager" hits F5 once a month, not doing his "job"
  5. Well, he had time to change the release date 3 days ago, proberbly used up all his free time from developing hard. https://steamdb.info/app/897730/history/?changeid=U:25411489
  6. i still think fjrd interactive is one guy, acting on three, got work way over his head. no communication because in favor of development? im sorry, a couple of minutes a week to write some small "still alive" post... damn, you really need to learn how to manage time and work. The dev road map also is not i use anymore. So many red flags, unable to count anymore. I regret "investing" 20 bucks into the alpha on itch.
  7. Well well well, who would have thought that. I mostly read empty promises and "lies" (15 month, dates, whatever) from the dev team, if they care to write on the forum at all. "-Keep playing the game on Itch.io: Keep playing Among Trees on Itch.io ! Epic and their team have agreed that if you wish, you can still play the game on the Itch.io platform. We will be updating the build of the game there which means that it will be the exact same game in term of content and quality as what will be available on the Epic Games Store" "All the updates should come to itch yes!"
  8. Haha, you got fooled like every one else. last time i checked on steam it said autumn 2021. no update in a while and no communication from the dev "team"... from which i still think is only one guy.
  9. as i said a couple of times. game is dead. no updates, no communication, no nothing. just the typical epic bulls**t. im sorry, game had potential and looked good. also nice of epic to sell it for 13euros, paid 20 bucks for it on itch, not getting any update on there since november last year.
  10. So they are now hostages who cannot even give the usual bullshit excuses anymore, nicely done epic.
  11. Yea, have fun with your newest update from 5 months ago. GG
  12. You're just a fanboy right now@Kebabosz87 there has been no update what so ever, no respond in the forum to the few people who left care enough about the game. So give us critical people all the downvotes you have.
  13. Yea, right, updates. Nothing for months except the "awesome" epic deal. The new month is also already half gone, still nothing. EDIT: Thanks for the downvotes, yet still no update. Forum seems dead too, bearly a hand full of active members. I really do hope, even with all that epic stuff, this game won't be D O A.
  14. Will the steam key for the pre-alpha guys be delivered after 15 month or at "release"?
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