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  1. Yes they do! However not at Minecraft speeds, I think its good that people have an instinctively more eco friendly approach to chopping tree's on this game than other games. It shows change and shows that the community that loves these nature exploration games really do have a soft spot for the enviroment
  2. Ok so right before making this I saved my game and tabbed out to write the report. Just got back in and the storage boxes are functional. A noteworthy bug none the less
  3. I just encountered a bug while sorting my inventory where I couldnt open any storage boxes! It only showed me the ability to open one box and even that one didnt budge. You cant tell in the video but Im mashing E constantly Desktop 2020.06.15 -
  4. A boat or raft to cruise through the water!
  5. My Pc broke a few weeks ago and I finally have it repaired! My last post here was nothing more than rage in the moment and I apologize for this, you guys are hard working devs and I look forward to trying out the new update! I truly love this project, ever since the 2018 (or was it 17?) trailer I have been passionate about it and I apologize for the previous post in this forum. Im ready for a fresh start and will continue to support this game as much as I can Yours truly: Mangoeater69
  6. Amongst all the chaos with EGS I still have love for the Game and was wondering when we will have access to the next Update? -Mango
  7. I have been following this project for a while now and have always loved it. But I am really dissapointed that you have decided to move your project onto the Epic Games Store. Im sure the money Epic Games gave you is a lot and helps not only you but the game too, this though has a very negative effect on us early access players but also on future players. Epic Games Store is an untrust-worthy Chinese platform which I have never used to ensure I protect my data. I was promised a steam key and therefore will unfortunately have to wait another 2 years or so before finally playing the fully released version. I love Among Tree's but the fact that you have betrayed the community and put your own money in front of the playerbase upsets me very much. I will continue to play it on itch.io until I recieve a steam key Good luck with the Epic games store -Mango
  8. ATTAAAAAA-oh-NO FAIR Im stuck in only one dimension! Among Trees 2020-01-13 18-15-47.mp4
  9. I mean Id enjoy a hunting mechanic so maybe Im not veg enough
  10. also want to know!!! Cant wait to sink my teeth into some new content
  11. rope ladder to scale cliffs and tree's!
  12. Ok so I found the issue: This occurs if you put cooked food in a storage box, then when you take it out it wont have any effect. Keep your food in your inventory for now until this is fixed
  13. I was starving when I realized my hard earned food is useless Among Trees 2019-09-12 10-17-03.mp4
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