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  1. We're working hard on new features but we just had to fix this extremely annoying shadow bug! Bugfixes: Fixed a bug where long shadows would be rendered on some loot items
  2. Bugfixes:Fixed a bug where some rabbits would fly around
  3. Heres a little hotfix taking care of two annoying bugs. Bugfixes: Fixed a bug where some loot items would spawn in the air. Fixed a bug where fishes would sometime start flying.
  4. Changes: Added option to invert mouse X and/or Y Updated the river collider to fit the waterfall better The bear is now a little bit smaller. Adjusted the background box of the UI that appears when looting items to fit the text. The default frame limit cap is now 60 fps in all settings. Bugfixes: Fixed a bug where a crafted item would be unlootable after looting anything else in between. Fixed a bug causing the player to be stuck when using ESC in map mode Fixed a bug where the campfire blueprint didn't show up until the game was reloaded Made a temporary fix to stop rain from rendering inside caves Removed an invisible collider south from the cabin (We do these smaller, more frequent patches to quickly reduce the amount of in-game bug reports we recieve, as lots mention the same bugs)
  5. Bugfixes: Fixed a bug where players can't open storage boxes after opening and closing a lot of them Resolved a loading loop when loading the game while having low health while being poisoned Aligned floating bushes to the terrain Fixed a bug where players might get stuck on the entrance stairs upon building the cabin if they stand to close to it. Fixed a bug where the player can move the camera if pressing 'E' to open inventory while going to sleep during sleeping animation Beehives should not spawn inside rocks anymore. Removed a weird glitched floating mesh Moved a steelpipe that was inside the transmission tower collision box Fixed issues with wooden boxes cutting through the terrain Changes: Added colliders to the greenhouse to prevent players from walking through the greenhouse glass (We do these smaller, more frequent patches to quickly reduce the amount of in-game bug reports we recieve, as lots mention the same bugs)
  6. Yeah totally, it should be fixed now.
  7. Patch 0.3.21 June 20, 2020 Changes: Added a frame rate limiter to the graphic settings Added a "Unstuck" button in the pause menu for players who get stuck between rocks. (We do these smaller, more frequent patches to quickly reduce the amount of in-game bug reports we recieve, as lots mention the same bugs)
  8. Bugfixes: Fixed a bug where the "First catch" fishing tutorial wouldn't let you press "Got it" Fixed so saving the game on low health when bleeding doesn't start a loading loop and crashes the game
  9. We'll hopefully have a fix for this on saturday
  10. Bugfixes: Fixed so the bear doesn't attack you in the cabin. Fixed a bug which was stopping the player from exiting the cabin extension pop up when using the ESC key. Fixed a bug which prevented Ultra-Wide monitor users from starting the game. Fixed UI issues for Ultra-Wide monitor users in the death screen and health indicators. Adjustments: Lowered the volume while getting attacked We have limited access to Ultra-Wide monitors so let us know if there are any issues running the game on these monitors now.
  11. A patch coming out later this week that fixes this issue
  12. What's new: 4 new cabin decorations Bugfixes: Bear sometimes walked around in circles. Player sometimes fell through ground while chopping trees. Huge trees sometimes spawned while chopping trees Crouch hint randomly didn't trigger. Decorative elements get their description from the first item in the inventory slot: Decoration elements sometimes multiplied after load. Fishing UI position is off on certain resolutions Changes: Stack limits have been slightly increased for some edible items You can now sleep a bit earlier in the day NDA is now removed for this and future versions. Roadmap has been updated Added smooth fade between tree LOD's Added temporary icons for the first outfit and backpack. Locking the campfire + campfire cooking set blueprint and increasing blueprint count. Adjusting crafting and extensions requirements. Removing randomly spawned crafting loot.
  13. Thank you all for your patience with this update! What's new: Campfire item Campfire cooking kit item Cabin decoration system. 5 wooden sculpts decoration items. Bigger map. Twice the size than before. No HUD screenshot shortcut [ F3 ] What's changed: Optimizations. Keybindings screen. (Changing keybindings is not yet supported) Mouse sensitivity can now be max 3 instead of 1. Removed North indication on compass texture. More graphics settings Temporary intro "waking up" animation Looting garden plants now randomly spawn new seeds. Known issues: See active bug reports on Monday: https://view.monday.com/251354702-6f02f6717194237455b3774ff2c90784 Bugfixes: See "Closed" section on Monday: https://view.monday.com/251354702-6f02f6717194237455b3774ff2c90784
  14. Sorry for the late answer. Absolutely we can fix this. Adding it to the roadmap
  15. Thank you for your feedback! We will make sure that zen mode will continue to be a "chill" mode in future updates
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