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  1. Optimization patch to improve performance. Thank you for your patience. Fog optimizations and new settings Tree billboard mesh and rendering optimizations Leaf trees optimizations Environment objects optimizations Terrain grass optimizations Day and night cycle optimizations Graphic settings adjustments. Ambient occlusion quality settings added. A new Very High graphic setting and the current High is debuffed a bit. Cabin optimizations Master volume and Score volume settings.
  2. The next proper patch (optimizations and bugfixes) is coming next Friday(26th). Thank you for your patience! Added anti-aliasing to Settings Added distance ambient occlusion to Settings Optimized textures even more. Improved pine billboards for smoother blending Changed the tree billboard shader to reduce popping Fixed some instances of rocks floating in the air Made some edits when loading last save on death screen that reduce crashes. Fixed animator and missing scripts warnings to clean up log files.
  3. A patch to improve optimizations. More optimizations coming soon. Thank you for your patience Optimized lots of environment and foliage objects to reduce tri count and draw calls Optimized loot objects Optimized world space UI Optimized HUD UI Optimized Terrain Turned off sunshafts. Will enable this again when they follow they correctly follow sun direction and are more optimized.
  4. A small optimization hotfix. More optimizations coming next week. Textures and sound file optimizations Adjusted on/off sound distance for river and waterfalls Reduced spawn rate of rabbits, birds and creaking trees audio to improve performance Removed cave ambience fx Switched to fast approximate anti aliasing for better performance Removed far distance ambient occlusion The shadow distance now changes correctly between the different graphic presets
  5. Hotfix 0.5.27 Optimized audio usage Optimization on the mid size foliage / stones "Floating wooden box at the watertower" - Fixed "Mirrored tear down tent key" - Fixed Placing campfire cooking kit and closing cooking menu now works with rebinded keys Fixed issues that appeared when using "Load last saved" button before you have made the first save.
  6. A little hotfix to take care of some annoying bugs that appeared in the latest update. "Inverted mouse controls are not applied until opening 'Mouse & keyboard' menu after launching the game" - Fixed "Rebinding the Use Equipped Tool key bugged out the axe when chopping down trees" - Fixed "Can't loot a piece of driftwood at Pinewood Lake" - Fixed
  7. New features: Hydration. You now also have to stay hydrated to survive. Water canteen item is added to the crafting menu. Instant crafting item to inventory when pressing the craft button. Custom keybinds. An all new keybind system which can be customized in the pause menu. Changes: The bear now avoids stealth grass until he has noticed you. Added death by bear attack sequence. Improved bear texture and shader. Replaced unity start resolution dialogue with "screen settings" in
  8. Bugfixes An issue were introduced in 0.4.21 for some players where the positions of the cabin decorations didn't load correctly. This forced us to redo the saving and loading for this specific feature as it just randomly stopped working in our new version of Unity. For those having trouble loading the old save files they will see their decorations placed in one spot by the door inside the cabin so they can pick them up again and place them. After they have done that they should load correctly going forward.
  9. Thank you for your patience with this update. It's been a really bumpy ride the last couple of months where we had ideas that we tried implementing, but ended up not fitting the game or would take so much longer to implement than expected. That's the life of a game developer, it doesn't always go the way you plan it. Anyway, here's stuff we managed to add to the game! New features: Progression system: Every time you find a new plant, build a new cabin extension or explore a new area, it's is now added to your new journal to get an overview of your progres
  10. The forum is now updated. The links work seems to work fine now. Let me know if you still experience them or notice any other issues
  11. Update 0.4 (0.4.8) New features: Fox pet Get company in the wild by this cute little fox. Give it commands, pet it and get help with finding loot. (The fox appears around the cabin after day 10) Brewery cabin extension Brew your own beverages in this new cabin room. Beverages will make you temporary run faster, increase body temperature and stay up late in the night. New loot items With the brewery feature comes new loot items. These items spawns in certain areas of the map and is specifically used for brewing. New cabin d
  12. Hi folks! First of all a huge thank you to all of you who played the game and posted your ideas and feedback. And also a big thank you for all the bug reports you've sent, it really helps! We thought it would be a good idea to give you all some information what goes on behind the scenes. Here's what we're currently working on: Pet Were working hard on making a pet that can keep you company in the wilderness. It's a difficult task and takes time but hopefully we will get it right soon! You be able to give it commands such as "Follow me", "Wait here", "G
  13. We're working hard on new features but we just had to fix this extremely annoying shadow bug! Bugfixes: Fixed a bug where long shadows would be rendered on some loot items
  14. Bugfixes:Fixed a bug where some rabbits would fly around
  15. Heres a little hotfix taking care of two annoying bugs. Bugfixes: Fixed a bug where some loot items would spawn in the air. Fixed a bug where fishes would sometime start flying.
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