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  1. The giant rope is pretty funny
  2. For now, there is a workaround, although it's tedious. I made a post in the General Discussion section of the forum if you want to try it.
  3. Darn, I forgot to mention. If you can't find the AppData folder, click on the "View" tab at the top of File Explorer, and check the box next to "hidden items."
  4. Now that multiple game difficulty levels and styles have been added, it might be desirable to have multiple save versions for the game. Unfortunately, this is not implemented at this stage in development. However, I just tested a workaround that allows you to have multiple save files after all! The problem is, it's a bit tedious. ...Ok it's very tedious. I use Windows 10, but it should be fine for W7. I don't know if this game works with Linux or Mac, but it should be a similar process for both. --------------------------- Preserving Saves: (Do this first). Step One:
  5. I needed a profile cover photo for this forum. I have one now lol. Windows+shift+S for the win.
  6. I learned about this game through seeing artwork by my favorite graphic artist who was/is involved with the scenery design. In one of his works, which happened to share the same name as this game, there was a fox right in the center of the picture on a tree stump. I see on the Monday list that implementation of animals takes a long time (I've never tried 3d rigging but it seems super difficult), so I can understand if it's not possible, but it would really be nice if at some point red foxes could be added into the game environment. I think they would fit in rather well with the atmospher
  7. I'm on the fence about this one. On one hand it would be really helpful for survival purposes, but on the other hand I am afraid it would make the game too easy (the rabbits are everywhere so food would be easy to get). Also, I'd be concerned at how that would affect the audiences for the game (I don't have a problem with it, but it's harder to show rabbit hunting without showing blood and death than fishing).
  8. The day and night speed is a little anxiety-inducing I agree. When starting out, I felt like I had to speedrun the game just to play the game at all. I had to resort to the index finger on shift / middle finger on W method to reduce the cramps from running so much lol. The meter speeds I've gotten relatively used to though.
  9. This is my strategy for surviving and doing well at this stage in the game's development. I've gotten to day 40 doing this. This is probably not the best way to play, but it works for me, haha. It does contain some item spoilers so read at your own risk. ---------- Starting Out: Don't get distracted at the start- you'll lose too much time on the first day and die of freezing/having nowhere to sleep. Eat button and chanterelle mushrooms to start. Gambling on red mushrooms isn't worth it unless you're desperate. Focus on the crafting room. From here you can get the a
  10. I waited until sunset and night. went kind of far away from the cabin, and looked for low plants, still nothing haha. 14 backpack slots it is.
  11. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be possible or not, but I can equip both the axe and watering can at the same time (image 1). This only works with the normal axe. Furthermore, I noticed I can't assign the can to a slot (I think it is supposed to be in slot 4 but isn't). Perhaps this is because of its placement in my bag (image 2)? I put the can in storage unless I am actively using it. Loaded game (Day 35) Version 0.2.10 Save file attached. Save_AmongTrees.txt
  12. I've been struggling to find this myself (none in 30 days). I was almost suspecting it to be in it's own area like the tree resin and lyme, but I guess not after reading here.
  13. They appear in and on the banks of the creek. Just follow the creek and you should come across some. They look a lot like sticks, but on the ground.
  14. Around the pond/lake at the end of the river near the cabin, I found a deer/elk that was tipping forward into the water so that its hind legs were in the air. This happened twice in the span of a few minutes, and I managed to get a screenshot of the second time. I couldn't get any closer without it running away, so I just zoomed in on my screenshot. This bug aside, the rigging on the deer looks really impressive. It's the most realistic I've ever seen in a game.
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