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  1. Hello! We are considering a Mac Port but in a more distant future! Our team is 100% focused on developing the Early Access at the moment!
  2. Hello The team is not planning to have a Multiplayer mode!
  3. Thank you so much Anthony! Being able to adjust the sound settings is a feedback we've received several time yes! We've definitively taken note of it!
  4. Thank you RoyalCoat for sharing your thoughts with the team! We haven't thought about adding furnitures for our new companion! This is definitively something we will be adding to our suggestions list! Yes the option to be able to eat food if your backpack is full directly from the character's hand is something we are looking into! And others suggestions you've made have been shared and discussed already! But we can add your own thoughts to our "suggestions/features" list!
  5. Hello! The team was 100% focused on the Autumn Update after summer so we haven't looked into other features but now we will go through some suggestions we've received!
  6. Hello allsmilesb! Sorry we did not respond to your message earlier! We have had many feedbacks concerning food/farming and many other feature! Your suggestion has already been written down on our suggestion board! We failed to communicate that!
  7. Hello you all! Thank you so much for your incredible feedback about the Autumn Update. -Itch.io: We are looking into it! The game should be up to date just as its EGS version! -We wanted to be able to release the Autumn Update as promised, in autumn. Implementing a more complex system in order to get the Fox would have considerably delayed the release of that update. In the future we will grow the lore of the game and add more mechanics!
  8. Hello Alitzy. Hunting is a feature that brings many discussion among our player base and the team! We havent made a decision about it yet! The only thing that we know is that if we would have the feature, you wouldn't need to use it to progress.
  9. Thank you all for all your recent suggestions of both new features, improving existing ones and objects! Everything new is written down!
  10. Hi! Thank you Winterdragon for your thoughts and taking the time to share them with us! We have taken in many feedback concerning the mechanic of the game and are discussing them as a team! We considered seasons at the early stage of development, now this project is on pause while we focus on other feature. We do not know if we will have seasons in the future!
  11. Then the second part of our message applies as an answer to your request!
  12. Thank you so much strange_duck! For supporting the Early Access, for sharing it with your viewers and taking the time to write some feedbacks! The next update is actively being worked on by our dev' team as we speak! You can always follow our Roadmap here (but keep in mind that the roadmap is subjective to changes and modification)
  13. Hello! Only English is available at the moment! The team is looking into adding more languages in the futures but we are 100% focused on working on the upcoming Autumn Update and the Early Access itself at the moment.
  14. The Outer Worlds is indeed fun! If we were to give a more specific date for the release of the Autumn Update and were unable to meet this deadline, we are afraid it would create more frustration among our player base. But rest assured the team is 100% focused and devoted to working on this update for making it available as soon as possible!
  15. This will can definitively add again in our suggestion list!
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