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  1. I would have agreed 15 years ago but now with Let'splays and streaming even without playing, opinions can be made!
  2. We will investigate! If anyone else experienced the same problem, please share on this post!
  3. No plans for crickets yet... (the CM attempt at a joke) The team is 100% working and focused on the game and the next update. As soon as we have something worthy to share, you'll be the firsts to know!
  4. Once again every feedback is welcome! Some of our community members have been following the game for years, but are waiting fot it to be release on a platform they want to play on. We do not think "lesser" of those who did not purchase the game yet so every feedback from our community is welcome. As long as it is respectful.
  5. Thanks! This specific bug might have went down the list of our "priority" bug to fix. I'll transfer the message and thread to the dev and see what they can do about it!
  6. Hi thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with the forum and the team! -Storyline: Something the team is definitively looking into! -We really feel like you should pass by one bear at least. For the full on experience. -We will add more variation in the world of Among Trees in future updates! -We've noted down your suggestions and yes, a garden, new animals to befriend is something we have gotten quite a lot of demands on! We can refer you to our roadmap here to see what the team as planned (so far and subjected to changes) in future updates!
  7. Thanks for reporting the bug! We will investigate! What version of the game are you using? And CPU/GPU information would be useful as well!
  8. We've noted down climbing as previous suggestion! It would require a lot of work from our end so the studio team needs to talk further about it!
  9. One of the team member loves Hilda so we appreciate the visual. But it could be nice to show a screenshot so other can join in "the fun"
  10. The team is testing different spawning method! Any feedback is welcome and we noted down yours!
  11. Do you still experience the same issue with the log-in? (if you do not pass by the direct link)
  12. We havent defined a specific "place" for the world of Among Trees. but yes it is highly inspired by the Scandinavian nature and its scenery! We will note down your suggestion!
  13. Thank you all again for sharing your ideas and feedback! It's appreciated and every new suggestions are noted down!
  14. We had noted several suggestions of a journal allowing you to save your game (would require crafting) Another one was being able to save by the campfire. The team go through the suggestions/feedback list we gathered quite frequently and note down the ideas we judge fitting for the game! So sharing your ideas helps us!
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