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  1. We would like to reassure you that there is no "god" complex in our studio! We have heard the request for more customization and have noted it down a couple of times already! We will add your comments to that note as well!
  2. We hear you! But as a small studio/team with a game that gathered much attention (to our pleasure) Many different people have many different "idea" of what is 101/important/can't play without. We do have to juggle all the bugs/updates/new feature and decisions, sacrifices have to be made! But we are aware of it and it is on our list!
  3. Hi! Are your sounds and other drivers up to date?
  4. Oh no Velora we're sorry you have lived such an experience with the game! Some of the advices above us are really really good! We hope you won't have this sentiment again when you will be playing, is the zen mode something more for you probably? Hugs!
  5. This is a most likely timeline yes!
  6. Hi! Yes we often receive request for various platforms to be released on in 13 months! When the date come to a close and we have made a decision on which selected platforms the game will be released we will update you all as soon as possible!
  7. Bonjour France! (well we obviously know you're not a country but it was fun to say) Thank you! More cabin customization have been requested many times indeed! We took note and the future will tell what will happen
  8. Indeed! Everything you point out is valid, we will investigate and look into it!
  9. We have been made aware of the problem reported by some players! We are working on it! Sorry for the inconvenience it obviously brings!
  10. FJRD Shep


    Hello! Thank you so much for your suggestion! Co-op and multiplayer is not something we are considering at the moment!
  11. Hello! Thank you so much for your feedback! Yes we have noticed people have many feedback about how to get rid/get the bear to stay away for the protagonist Seasons have been highly requested as well, we will see what the future holds! We note down everything! Thanks again!
  12. For the dev and the team'? Work work work! Debugging, working on new features, the autumn update!
  13. Thank you shmorefor your feedback and suggestion about the story/lore of the game! We will introduce, Story: First Iteration in our Winter 2020/2021 update, so some of your questions might get some answers then... We will write down your notes!
  14. Thank you so much for the kind words and support! Pets and Oil Lamp and new items for the cabin are coming in our Autumn Update! Now we will see what kind of pets makes it into the game in the first wave! Once you find the blueprint, you will already be able to build a campfire in game!
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