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  1. + one more place with the same blue print issue. In addition, after re-starting game all lime minerals and blueprint in this cave re-spawn and I'm able to collect them again.
  2. Hi team. Maybe this bug was mentioned (but I couldn't find it on the board). Incorrect big icon of cooked food. It shows the icon of item that was picked before the food. Version 0.2.10 What to do to reproduce: click on any loot in the backpack then click on the cooked food.
  3. Yes, the same bag. Collected "blue print", but object stayed without responsibility to pick it up.
  4. Hi team. It is possible to go through fallen trees. Other trees are barriers. P.S. Screenshot 1 is an example of the type of fallen trees. Screenshot 2 - in the tree
  5. Hi team. It seems like all staff after crafting is in the "flying state".
  6. Hi team! There are few suggestions/ideas: 1. Instead of discarding something without a chance to use it later, it could be dropping items on the floor/ground. In this case we can harvest the staff later. 2. Maybe it would be more comfortable to use a right/left mouse click instead of E for the picking up things. Thanks for such a colorful world
  7. Hi team! I would like to suggest some ideas regarding water walking. 1) If player is in the water temperature will decrease 2) It wouldn't allowed to go to the deep water. Looks like a character walks on the ground. It's little illogical. Thanks
  8. During searching loot in the heap I received a list of 2 or more items. After clicking on the first one and add it into my bag the next name became empty. The same situation, if you click on the second item , the third one would be empty, etc.
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