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  1. Please even more biomes with different styles ♥♥♥
  2. I would love to see more biomes. I am not sure how much they follow the art style of Mikael Gustafsson, but I would really appreciate more greenish, red or yellow biomes. I mean, if you google for his art you can also see a snowy picture with a bear. Would be a cool biome for this game.
  3. Even if I love mods, I dont think its something that fits to the game.
  4. Hi, note that the game is in a very early state and doesnt have much to offer at the time. - I bet there will be some story features in the future. Now we just ger thrown in a forest with some abandon buildings and a little cabin, which one we repair. I think it all has some magical in it and can stay that way. But I get the point that story based elemts would clear everything up. - Everything looks blue because it follows the style of the art Mikael Gustafsson. I really like his art. . You can turn off the fog. - I wish there would be different biomes or
  5. Hi, i can understand most of your points, but the mushroom part is interesting. The first day was hard for me too, but I fast realized you can eat couple types of plants. So hunger was never really a problem for me. I also really like how the game is a more relaxing type of survival game. I like it that bears are my biggest enemie. Also the map is still pretty empty, but as you said its in a very early state. I would like to see more secrets or as you said something story based. But my biggest wish is to get the game more into a building direction. I would love to be able to bui
  6. Hi, how about an animated titlescreen if not already being worked on?
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