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  1. I bought the game in July 2020, but there aren't much things to do. I thought time will improve the game like The Long Dark. It's been almost a year, and I noticed there hasn't been any update since November 2020. Website looks so much different and eliminated a lot of features such as forum/roadmap access. The only thing available is email update notification and access to Epic Store to purchase the game. I located both roadmap & forum through Google search. I also noticed there hasn't been any developer response to the reported issue. Just curious, are devs still working on this ga
  2. As I was playing earlier today, I notice player can stand on thin air. I wanted to use the feedback option in game, but it doesn't work. Additional info: I successfully reported a bug probably 3-5 minutes before this floating issue. Player can eventually dropped down, you just need to walk a few more steps outside of the waterfall area. No HP lost btw.
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