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  1. It would be nice to have different specialised containers in all rooms. The idea is to see the items you have (as decoration) and be able to grab/put them asap for example: Greenhouse - place to put a 'water can' by press 'e' and 'e' to get back in hands (this one is must have ) ; a shelf with seeds, only seeds can be placed, but it stackable(or the same way can be put/get by 'e' from shelf) Crafting room - can with nails, can with bolts, hook for ropes. it may be auto usable? main room: stand for fishing rod; axe; pick-axe; on the table place for compas. kitchen: large bucket for stiks. Stand for ingredients sewing room: threads holder; It just an exemple. But i really struggle without place to put 'water can' in my garden
  2. I have crafted backpack. It has no effect, only green sign "you already have one". Should i try other? Or outfit and backpack not working now, can be only crafted?
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