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  1. I take the hard route and keep a list of ingredients in my head, then I struggle to remember what was for what and what I needed lol.
  2. Love the new feature of difficulties, but once you select a game-mode there's no going back, would love a back button. Multiple saves - I personally love being able to have different saves, one my main game, one for testing things, and much more.
  3. Definitely a fun game! Looking forward for your community contribution, we love to answer questions!
  4. I don’t remember the nda so I’m unsure, maybe someone else can add to this and let us know. But screenshots, and even a video, is already available on the steam page. The steam page even shows the gameplay video trailer(which is already on YouTube).
  5. I can’t hop in game to double check right now, but I’m pretty sure it’s needed for crafting an upgraded backpack.
  6. Hi, collect water from a water source (lake, river) to refill. At the moment when you craft a watering can it comes with water. oh, and make sure to look directly at the water when refilling!
  7. Manually download each time or (seeing your previous post, I know you use app) it will update automatically when patches are released through the itch app.
  8. Yep! Just don’t run through it and you’ll be fine with your stats.
  9. Definitely sorry your experience wasn’t great, I as a customer definitely am enjoying the game, and I wish you would’ve had the same experience as I. Do note all games have their requirements listed. If you attempt to run a game that doesn’t meet your hardware, it doesn’t make fair for it to be called it a bad game. But maybe optimization for lower end is down the tunnel, happy gaming.
  10. (unsure about controller) Not able to hop in game atm, but keys I can remember from top of head is, CTRL - Crouch WASD - Walk SHIFT - Run #1-4 - Tool Quick Selection E - Interact LMB - Action (swing axe, mine, water plant) TAB - Inventory M - Map
  11. The map is crafted. Looking at your previous posts, blueprints are scattered, most can be found in some caves, and at some filled structures (found them mainly around bears). In some wooden crates (which you can open with an axe) you can find blueprints that add markings on your map to special trees and mining material (so far I've unlocked), I'm confident in saying that mushrooms are not on the map. Looking at the comment you were understanding this from, perhaps they're saying look for where a lot of trees are and there mushrooms can be found. But on your hunt, search for white mu
  12. tbh love the yellow trees
  13. +1 to this! I had so many mental notes that I was getting confused haha.
  14. that would be nice, I misunderstood what you originally wrote (understood that you weren't aware of setting sensitivity, and just maxed mouse). Unfortunately I don't remember the nda much to provide additional input, but what I said before was just a guess not a validated answer i decided to hop in game just to grab items that currently have animations to get a reminder, and it definitely is fast and I do see where you mean by making it slower, but assuming every item is going to be with an animation, when you're sneaking past bears (until bait is here), that half second cou
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