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  1. In my oppinion elk/deer riding is too untrue. I mean it sounds good, but for me it could seriously aggravate the immersion. But ideas for transport about which I was thinking so far are: canoe or some other kind of boat (this idea of course requires bigger river and larger map), maybe some kind of paraglider for travel faster through large spaces of map, if there would be seasons implemented to the game in the future i'd be happy to use skis and snowshoes to travel faster through the snow during winter
  2. Yes, the trees grow back after about 1-2 days (i think) if you cut them down. So no worries, you can cut down trees around your cabin
  3. I think that the game is at too early stage of development right now. Let's wait till the game will leave early access (it might take some time, considering that it's in the pre-alpha version now). However mods are quite useful and they can provide many hours of additional fun to the base game. An example of usefulness of mods may be DayZ Standalone - devs are now using community mods to finish the game (but the way to finish is still very long) and many people are still really enjoying and creating new mods. As I said in the beggining - mods are very useful sometimes, but for now let's wait
  4. Title: New Feature - New language versions Core Message: It would be lovely if there would be some new languages versions of the game. I'm pretty sure it would help new players getting into the game if they'd opportunity to use their own country language. Personally I'm happy to help with translation. I'm ready to translate the game to polish language (of course without payment, completely for free). I already know some people from this forum that are ready to help with translation to their languages too. Let us know what you devs think about it? Btw. The game is so beautiful and cha
  5. I'm so glad we've got here a bunch of people who are ready to help with translation to other languages Until we have the final answer from the developers I suggest to focus on developing the game's wiki. @SamMonahan posted a thread about this. He needs help and I think that we can do it with joint forces. What do you think about this guys?
  6. Hi everyone! I come to you with an idea about other language versions of the game. English is common and that's a fact, but I think that translation could help new and younger players get to know the game. Personally I would like to suggest translating Among Trees to polish language. I'd do it myself if the devs would let me (completely for free, without payment of course). I'm writing this post because I think that here we've got many people from various countries that would be as ready and happy as me to help with new languages. Let me know what you think about this idea. Waiting for r
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