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  1. Was that it now? or is there still some content here, if not it's probably a bit meager. You can't even create wide savegames. What kind of nonsense is this? I hope the developers have at least filled their pockets and made enough money.
  2. One cannot properly record Among Trees with OBS. Game recording does not work, Certain window does not work it is only possible via window recording. With all of my 26 installed games, this is only the case with this one.
  3. Somehow I can't get rid of the feeling that not much is happening here, no sign of life from the developers for a quarter of a year. The roadmap says nothing at all. Will the game continue or can we delete it from the computer? I realize that we are in difficult times, but a little more communication on the part of the developers would be desirable. It is absolutely not okay to leave the fans out in the rain like that.
  4. All is well and good, but the developers could really contact us once and say how things should go from here. The roadmap is not meaningful at all, you don't see anything. You can't justify everything with Corona.
  5. The developers probably don't care that the cardinal points are completely wrong, otherwise I can explain their (non) reaction.
  6. @Volatile_Hunter; You speak to me from the soul, it is really a complete exaggeration to speak of an early access from laggy if there is a micro-jerk of a fraction of a second, I have that too. But that's not why I'm talking about laggy. Laggy would be for me if it is constantly reloading, if you take three steps and the game stops and has to load. If you don't find any points of criticism you have to pull yourself up to something like that, it applies to people who try to talk everything badly.
  7. Deactivating Vsync didn't do anything for me, the GPU still has a load of 95 to 98% Likewise, limiting the FPS has no effect.
  8. I once walked around the forest to see how big our area is and made a map of what I have found so far. Among other things 7 x Dogbane and 7 x Cattails. I hope it helps you.
  9. My GPU RTX 2070 Super is also 95 to 98% full, which is "normal" in this game. If it doesn't get over 100 degrees, don't worry. High utilization does not mean that it damages the card.
  10. I don't actually use the map at all because the cardinal points are generally wrong in the game. To find my home, I simply follow the little house icon to always run on it.
  11. I think the idea is good, maybe right at the beginning you should have the opportunity to decide on the dilapidated hut (repair) or to build a new tree house, or both, that you can sleep and protect yourself against wild animals Tree house can escape.
  12. For me everything runs very smoothly 70 to 80 fps, no jerking or stuttering. Asus Rog Strix x570 E-Gaming, Ryzen 7 3700X, G.Skill DIMM 32 GB DDR4-3200, ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2070 Super Gaming 8G, M.2 Samsung 970 EVO 1TB. I play on an Acer XR 342 CKP 100 Hz 3440x 1440. Everyone who has problems, please check your drivers, especially the runtime (AiO) is, in my experience (moderator in a gaming forum) the most common cause of performance problems. The latest graphics card driver should also be installed.
  13. Thanks for the hint to know well
  14. Many ideas have already been expressed here, but here are some that I would like to see. 1. You should be able to vary the game speed so that the day does not pass so quickly. 2. Cardinal directions should be corrected The sun rises in the east and not in the north! 3. Irrigation system would have to be revised. out of four plants only one survived all others dried up after a day, although watered simultaneously and immediately! 4. More storage options, e.g. in the kitchen to store cooked food. 5.Craft bow and arrow or traps so that you can hunt some of the many rabbits to use th
  15. It would be very nice if you had the option to slow down the game modes, similar to "OSTRIV" there you have 3 different speeds.
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