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  1. If I already paid for the game as a backer, why should it matter where I play the game, on Steam as promised or on EGS? Epic won't make any money from me, therefore I should be able to play the game where I want and where I was promised I should play it.
  2. Why do you promise a Steam key, even put the game on Steam (it even has a Steam page), and then sign an exclusivity contract with Epic for 15 months? It's not a few months like most games. It's more than a year! I think that's actually false promises for the backers that you have.
  3. Sometimes I collected a bunch of stuff and on my way home I get hungry, I see a mushroom on the ground and I want to eat it but I can't because my inventory is full, if I want to eat it I have to discard some of my stuff.
  4. Use left shift button to run.
  5. It seems that when I create a new game some settings from my previous game stays when other don't. For example: - I can't pick up blueprints, it's like I already picked them in my other game and they stay there and I don't have to discover them again - Mouse sensitivity setting resets when creating a new game - Stamina bar stays active even if I don't wear new clothes. I even still have the extra stamina Those are the few I noticed. I didn't play too long in the new game yet.
  6. I had the same problem when crafting new clothes. I later created a new game and it was still there even if I hadn't crafted the clothes yet.
  7. I think the size of the stacks in the inventory and storage doesn't really make sense sometimes and it's hard to manage because of the multiple stacks. Why can I stack 10 fir planks but only 5 beets or 5 mushrooms? Why can't I stack seeds, that are very little?
  8. We can drag and drop but it moves only one item at the time, not the entire stack.
  9. It would be nice to see the name of the items when hovering them when we want to store them in the storage box instead of just having the image. It would also be nice to be able to transfer all items of one sort at the time, something like left mouse button to transfer one, right mouse button to transfer all or maybe choose the amount to transfer.
  10. I usually play with a controller and only the left joystick to walk works, the rest of the buttons and the right joystick seem to be not programmed yet
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