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  1. I think storage box mechanics doesn't discard drop mechanics. I have possibily to drop items and keeping them in the storage boxes in other survival games like TLD or Don't Starve. If you have possibility to drop loot on the cabin floor - you don't need storage box but without it your cabin will be a complete mess. It's just a more comfortable and logical way to play. At this moment I would put discard mechanics to "minus" column. Of course survival game shouldn't be nice and comfortable but you should make it harder other way - by adding a Thirst for example.
  2. I've noticed the same. Looks like there is no warmth bonus at all - you are freezing to death almost immediately.
  3. After building the greenhouse there is no difference between day 20 and day 2000. No challenge. At day 20 I crafted everything and stopped for future updates.
  4. Game is quite easy at the moment. I died couple of times from freezing but at my third try am an day 30 and complete self sustained. Most imporatnt thing to survival is an axe. With an axe you can crush bee hives and get honey. The location of the hives does not change and them respawn in a couple of days. Also hint - red dotted mushrooms are eatable with 25% chance of poisoning. Save your game and eat them. If you have a bad luck - reload from checkpoint.
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