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  1. My kids made this Among Trees Art Gallery made in Sims 4
  2. I do not understand users attachment to Steam... And to add a bit more to this... From what I heard, developers get much better profits on EGS than Steam (being the worst for devs). I avoid Steam for that very reason and IMO it is hard to blame indy developers for that choice, not to mention that I believe EGS does also support financially development of indy games. Also in terms of exposure, I think their bet was good because Amongst Trees shows up in the top list of new games in EGS - which is probably a much better audience than new game #524 on steam...
  3. Awesome thanks - was not able to figure out where they mentioned the controller support though but I'll keep an eye on the new versions
  4. The xbox controller doesn't seem to work on the current version on PC. Is this something planned?
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