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  1. I like the blue print box. Maybe bring it back?
  2. yes so you can cook food while your are out in your tent. Without being a complete food prepared person.
  3. thanks everyone... i cant remember where the other lake is...
  4. Hey everyone, has anyone else found any different types of fish, I seem to be able to only find one type. Milly
  5. I dropped sticks in my kitchen originally thinking that they would be there when I looked down.
  6. Um I can only still stack 5 plants in my storage box - perhaps this is a glitch
  7. I wish there was a spot to put firewood for cooking in the kitchen.
  8. you have to cut down the tree to get the resin.
  9. THank you. I just sent it
  10. So I watered my plants and closed the game. I downloaded the patch update and went back in and they are dead?
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