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  1. Dang I liked that bug. Can you add an option in the menu to un fix it if we want?
  2. Among Trees is in Pre-alpha. I suspect that if the devs ever add multiplayer (which they have not announced yet at all.) It will be quite a while until then. I would love it though! It would be great.
  3. Yep I can't wait for fall!
  4. No clue sorry. Hopefully soon but I also understand that they need time away.
  5. I have started making camps all over the map with tents.
  6. Yep. I can't wait to see what they bring!
  7. I liked the big bear better honestly.
  8. Yea that's pretty much exactly what we have been asking for all along. Everything works the exact same it just saves when you sleep.
  9. Yep. The Pre-Axe Maniac™ strikes again. (totally just posted this to say Pre-Axe Maniac again.)
  10. @Paolo_mrtt In the start up menu you can pick your resolution.
  11. I love these ideas. Really perfect. I think the bridge and larger cabin should be available in single player as well so you don't have to play multiplayer to get the full benefit of the game.
  12. Great ideas! I fully agree with them. Maybe the pipes could be crafted from Iron like you suggested?
  13. You should always have the new patches.
  14. I really see both ways on multiplayer. On one hand it could be a TON of fun. On the other it may as you said remove from the relaxing nature.
  15. While this may not seem like a big important fix I think it really would add stuff to do in the endgame. I.E. Camping and long exploration trips.
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