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  1. Yeah I tried that after I wrote this actually. And yes, a tent and a few cooked foods does help but I still find the days to short. A slider for day length would be great IMO, if it doesn't break any future plans that is..
  2. Yes sounds good, I agree! (Along with longer days so we have time to actually get there and start fishing) Personally I like the alligator idea too. I don't want to be attacked every minute but a feeling of being unsafe is always fun for me. Like fishing in the swamps in Red Dead Redemption 2.
  3. If I run south from the house, from sunrise with sprint, I barely make it to the end of the map and back again before night and death. It's not the idea of this game right? It's so beautiful. I want to have the time to walk, explore and take my time. Maybe stop and fish, make a bonfire, cook and eat my fish. Then move on. Sure I have a tent, but I still feel stressed. Isn't this game supposed to be a relaxed variant of the survival genre? I really like the game though, but the pace makes me turn to other games like Ark and The Forest which is far more action oriented but less stressf
  4. Sometimes I get frametime spikes every other second and it just wont stop. I used MSI Afterburner to measure it and it was consistent over several minutes. At the same time my FPS was at a steady 60 but the frametime spikes makes the game choppy. Very choppy. (When frametime skipping happens which isn't every time I play) I have to restart the game to get rid of it. Just a little "FYI", love the game! Rig; (100% stable): 4670K@4400 16Gb Ram GTX980Ti driver 445.87 Win10 64 build 2004
  5. Haha I thought it was only me that had to run around like a maniac to find those planks before owning the axe
  6. As I understand it only one backpack can be equipped, which is quite logical, and thus only one can be filled with loot. I crafted the biggest one with 16 slots but IMO it's still way to small. I would like 32 slots or maybe 28 but much larger stacks.
  7. I use Xpadder and it works but mouse and keyboard feels better for me in this game.
  8. Nvidias drivers has been sketchy for me since the Win10 (version 2004) update. My 980ti is on full speed a lot of the time, even when surfing the net. Waiting for a new driver..
  9. Agreed, I really want a FOV slider for this great game
  10. I agree with these guys. I find the pacing way to fast. A slider would be a great way to solve it!
  11. Well, as you told the troll, this is a single player game. I don't see how mods can destroy anything. Sure they can be buggy, but they can be uninstalled and an old save can be loaded. Problems can be solved. I love mods as they can really turn a good game like Ark, IMO of course, in to something really fantastic. I run my own servers with different styles. Like "peaceful Minecraft with no carnivores" or "FPS style with big guns and unlimited ammo" etc. /Cheers
  12. I love mods and think it's a great idea! Building upgrades, hostile wildlife, food, even entire house parts like walls, roofs and windows etc. to build your own house from scratch. There's so much fun that can be done!
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