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  1. I think FJRD must make a good game first, multiplayer is a good addition, but it is only an addition
  2. There's no gamepad support for now, you can use it only because there's some Unity default actions for it. But as I know developers are already working with this feature or it is in their plans, so just be patient and wait
  3. Yup, there's no NDA starting from Epic Games Store launch
  4. I hope you will make it a really survival game, guys, with an ability to play in Zen mode without survival problems. I love your game, but I love very hard survival gameplay too (like Interloper in The Long Dark ).
  5. Seems that you can only wait for EGS release
  6. I don't love both, but that's not the main aspect. The main aspect in such argument is that Sony develops its own games. It gives money to studios that are developing their new products from scratch and they say at the very beginning "it will be the PlayStation exclusive". Okay, guys, I'm unhappy because I can't play this game on PC, but it's completely your product, so you have a right to decide what to do with your game. I can say the same about Blizzard and their own launcher, Rockstar and their launcher, Ubisoft, developers of Tarkov, Bethesda and their launcher for Fallout 76, and so on.
  7. That's not a problem. I have GOG launcher on my PC and some games in it. Wow, you say Steam has a monopoly, that's awesome Steam had never restricted selling in other places. Devs are selling their games in GOG, Windows store, EGS, Ubisoft store and in Steam too. EGS pays money for an exclusivity, and users must either use EGS, or they can't play this game. So who is a monopolist? All Steam bugs and issues are very insignificant in comparison with EGS bugs and issues. In EGS there's no cloud saves, forums, user ratings, some regional currencies support and so on. These things
  8. This is not true. A lot of games have bugs and big problems. And Epic Launcher doesn't have many critically important functions. They buy exclusivity just to force users to use their launcher. They are speaking about free market competition for launchers, but this is not a competition, this is ultimatum for users. Speaking about game developers, of course, I can't condemn them, especially when it's an indie studio. They really need investments to have an ability to make their games (thank you, capitalism ). But EGS uses very dirty methods and it destroys videogaming industry. T
  9. RTFM. A compass doesn't show East or West, it shows only North.
  10. @FJRD I think an ability to go sleep in the evening will be great, while for the daytime it's not needed.
  11. 5) Flashlight with some searchable batteries (not many, just for the first time) 6) Torch (craftable) 7) Belt with some cells (for example, 4 cells with an ability to put in just plants, and with lower stack size) 8) More berries types in the world for cooking
  12. 1) Matches that we can find in the world 2) Flint (only craftable) 3) Raincoat with some disbonuses 4) Books for some skills or just with some map hints
  13. I understand this is a very hard and long work, but it will be awesome if we will have an option to play with third-person view. Imagine player's impressions when he will see, for example, such girl like on wallpapers! Visual impact is not the only one, why it's important. I love to play games with my gamepad and I see, that first-person view is not so comfortable in this case. Check No Man's Sky: in this game we can switch between third-person and first-person views, and I love such implementation of third-person camera. Assassin's Creed series is another great example. Hope you wil
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