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  1. I'll enjoy their beauty one bite at a time, lol. J/k
  2. They regrow, at least for me.
  3. 16 slot backpack - only item it's used in for now.
  4. I can understand selecting which set of close I would like to wear, if there are different stats (cold, speed, camo). Is there plans to just upgrade my backpacks as opposed to having multiple? Or will there be stats there too other than number of slots?
  5. I discard/sacrifice planks, pipes, wire, etc when that happens. Food is more important, and those other things are found everywhere.
  6. They are there, but apparently only spawn at sunset/night. They are rare and very short so they are easy to walk past. I've gotten 6 in 52 days
  7. Dont be like me and plant seeds before you have the watering can. Took a couple days for me to get it and the plants were dead by then.
  8. Hit the nearby towers to the south of cabin. May have give a day or two to respawn.
  9. In the cave, near walls on rocks. U need a pick. Looks like light blue crystal chunks. They are smallish, not big mineral nodes.
  10. When the gauge gets to red, hunger and tired go down much quicker. I run almost all the time (close to red). You collect mats/food much more quickly so I think it's worth it.
  11. it's cause you're dreaming of that yummy food ya got cooking.
  12. The game requires pretty good hardware requirements right now. Since it's so early, there aren't ways to dial down the graphics. I believe it's on the roadmap though.
  13. Spoiler below. Put together a map based on what I've come across so far. It's probably not 100% complete, but should help folks that may be struggling. If it's too much of a spoiler, or breaks rules, I won't be offended if it's removed. FYI, food and crafting items spawn everywhere. Lots of crafting items spawn near towers in chests (need lockpick) and crates (need axe).
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