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  1. It takes practice to move the pole from side to side, it helps to have the fish bite near you. I found the lake past the creek and over the hill made it easier since you didn't cast as far as the lake near the cabin.
  2. I always use the bee hum to find hives, although maybe these are rarer if you play on Hard, waiting for the full game before I try that.
  3. So looking forward to this one!!
  4. The honey also recovers a good bit of health, but I do the run up and back trick and haven't really lost much health.
  5. I had just tried over here, but on the other side, and wasn't getting any bites. Trying here I was able to get enough skin to craft both suits in two days.
  6. Found this when my son was watching You Tube game videos and it looked interesting enough that I picked it up and have been enjoying it immensely, already about 20 days in. Have crafted most things, working on backpack and suits, as a completionist I'm interested in exploring the map and finding what I can while I go along. The Bear was a surprise, and being killed by bees was another, but overall I like the esthetics and the calming atmosphere of it with the music and the subtle shades of light as the day changes. I'm finding it a nice relaxation in the current home-based climate. Any ideas I have thought of look to be made, or in the game, regarding stamina and tightening up the controls. Not sure if its mentioned but being able to go back and review help screens in an easy way would be neat. Missed the fishing info due to flat clicking and would have liked to review that, though I figured it out fairly quick. Otherwise, a great game, and looking forward to the final version.
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