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  1. Ive had the same issue since last patch. Something was changed about the way the screen resolution fits into my monitor screen. Previously I could play, just with 2 black bars at the bottom and top of my screen. Now there are no more black bars, but I also cannot see anything that is too far to the left or right. Changing screen resolutions does not help because all of the resolutions are for a wide aspect ratio. Going into window mode also does not help.
  2. The unstuck feature is great because we can actively look for places that get you stuck, report them so they get fixed, and still carry on without the risk of losing any progress. Brilliant idea for EA
  3. A modular soup/stew texture would be wonderful and make the game feel even more alive. The current vegetable soup texture fits the artstyle perfectly and looks very delicious, but it makes very little sense to see bits of carrots and greens in my bowl when the only things I threw in were some mushrooms and a beet. Making the texture modular would allow you to customize it further as you continue to add new ingredients to the game rather than needing to make a completely unique texture for every combination.
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