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  1. The compass shows the direction you are walking in in relationship to true North. It can be very confusing. For example, if you are walking South, the arrow will point down to the N, at the bottom of the compass, and you know you have to walk in the opposite direction to continue South. So it can seem backwards and far from intuitive. You have to practice and really think about how to use it.
  2. When you say hold down reel nonstop - do you mean keep the right mouse button pressed down (for reeling in)....should you see the fish or is it still underwater while you are reeling it in? thanks for your help....I'm still not getting it to work....
  3. Hey, I can't reel the fish in. Are you suggesting I change the mouse sensitivity down and try it that way?
  4. Ok, I can't seem to reel the fish in. I either break the fishing line (too much tension), or the fish gets away (too little tension). Tips????
  5. Hi! the first beehive I found, I just harvested honey, didn't realize there was beeswax. Since then I've tried to collect enough beeswax to make the jacket BUT I am one short. I haven't seen as beehive in many days and I have roamed all over this world. Are there only a limited number that spawn during the life of the game?
  6. Never mind!!! with the update, I found the blueprint and now I can fish!!!!
  7. I thought I had picked it up since I clicked on it and it identified it as the blueprint for the fishing pole. However, I had the same problem - still locked in the crafting room. I'm searching towers again, hoping to find it.
  8. Where can I find a copy of the NDA we agreed to when we signed on for the game?
  9. Where can I review the NDA that we agreed to when we purchased the game?
  10. I made the 16 slot backpack. However, it seems like I can only store things in one of the backpacks. Am I wrong? Can I fill both of them up with stuff from my storage box? It's hard juggling what you want to save if slots are limited....
  11. I ventured out by the northern cave, where the lime mineral can be found, and there was a lot of chicory there!!! it was during the evening, but it didn't take too long to get home.
  12. Tips on finding beeswax? I knocked down one hive back when I first made my ax...and ate the honey. Do I have to find another one and take the honey for wax but not eat it? Where can I find another hive? Also, getting stung took a lot of my health which was replenished when I ate the honey. would something else replenish my heath as well?
  13. Have any of you created an out-of-game chart listing what is needed to cook/craft items? I hate to use up precious in-game time writing down what I need to go find.....
  14. Is there a way to have more storage slots in the crate? Do I need to craft a second backpack or something?
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