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  1. Not too many open world/map games that allow players to explore and have adventures for VR. I would love to see this come to VR. Any thoughts or opinions on this?
  2. I was thinking it would be cool since you’re in the woods, you gotta have Sasquatch! So randomly you’ll come back to your cabin and find it ransacked, things you’ve crafted missing and there’d be evidence that is left behind like “strange mystery fur”. Oh! And That’s where “traps” would come in handy! So starts a new quest: you have to put all the evidence and clues together that the Sasquatch leaves behind or that you track down. For instance you could be walking in the woods and find a bear torn in half and there’s a clue but then! spooky music would start playing.. do you dare in
  3. Once this is fully developed, Multiplayer will definitely add to the joy of this game!
  4. I love the idea of Multiplayer/Co-Op especially if the map were a lot larger, players would start on different areas of the map and could choose to team up in the beginning or try to survive on their own and later on find each other/ share resources etc etc. There would be more animals too like wolves and mountain lions that lurked around. And the option to have a dog or wolf companion that you raise from a pup to guard your cabin from other players if they do decide not to team up and try taking your resources. There's so much potential.
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