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  1. Hi, just wondering if the fox has a timer for it's hunger & if it matters if it stays at home or comes out into the field with us? Does it get hungrier faster if it leaves the home? Also, suggestions- down the road, it would be nice if the pet would whine if it's getting hungry. Some action or noise to let us know. I haven't run into a bear yet either, but it'd be cool if they fox/pet alerted us to predators, too. Thanks!! Keep up the great work!
  2. I'm just starting the new patch update but it looks like the fox only points you in the direction of where to find your quest objectives but I was thinking if AT didn't want to add hunting- they could incorporate the pet's "find" function to include hunting, also (but have the pet actually bring it's hunted prey back to you).
  3. I agree- modding can be very useful to assist in giving some games better tools & UI then what the creators can concentrate on. For example Rimworld- the creators embraced players to make mods & they came out with awesome ways to make to game different & very re-playable & then down the road the creators implemented some of the better mods into the actual base game once they're Alpha was released. Elder Scrolls Online devs also allow mods & they've got some great ways to help with UI (like a mini map that can show where crafting loot is). Really- if Among Tre
  4. Thanks! Those sound like some great updates- I can't wait to have my own little pet to explore with me!!
  5. Oh, boy- I've really done it now. Sorry the below looks a bit messed up, couldn't get the Numebered List to work right. Skills points? The more we craft the better we get at making items- and this unlocks skills like; add “hidden” effects in edibles & tasting lets us learn what they can be used for, being able to craft items away from the craft table: Tools: being able to craft a fire pit in the wild, making a “make-shift” tent/lean-to for temporary shelter Health: crafting a healing poultice in the wild with healing ingredients Fisherman’s Vest (with all those pocket
  6. I was thinking that down on the beach- I'd love to see some animals like turtles, seagulls, snails, etc.
  7. lol- spooky moments is a must. All alone in the woods? I was thinking even if it's things like after a rain fall you find a big footprint outside your cabin or late at night you notice a weird green glow outside or above you [while outside] but when you look it's gone (UFO?). Not sure how in-depth AT will be getting but hinting at the mystery of the woods would make a great atmosphere!
  8. Love all those ideas! Also- night fishing? I know we're not in the season yet, but- ice fishing? Maybe have fish types change for the time (day vs night) or season? Also- maybe a rare catch could be something silly like a home decoration we can't craft?... (kinda like catching a boot but it's actually something decent like an old oil lamp or ship in the bottle or something). I do hope AT makes fishing a bit easier- though. Not sure if it's a bug right now but I've been having a hard time getting fish to nibble/hook & catch! (I sent feedback in game)
  9. Hi, a few suggestions I've noticed that may make game play a bit smoother: 1. A "take all items" when looting from crates/piles 2. Enlarge the cross-hair area when looting items (currently have a hard time selecting items because it’s not in the “right” spot when hovering over items). 3. Ability to rename storage boxes (“edible”, “crafting” items, etc.) 4. Ability to craft storage boxes to place in specific areas (like outside cabin; example: craft a storage box to place outside to keep excess wood, leave prepared meals across map, etc.) 5. When a room extension is cre
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