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  1. Might it be useful to have a wood store (for planks) like in Mechanical Engineers?
  2. It would be convenient to keep all tools in the storage chest (or a specific tool chest) until you move them to the tool bar with the equip button. So you would have to plan which tools to take on an expedition. And not have slots blocked with tools you don't need. At present I have to carry the watering can wherever I go, and it's too easy to fill it. Also hotkeys like the map has for small items that would fit in a pocket, like the lock pick and compass.
  3. It might be useful for us to craft extra storage for different areas of the house: food cupboard and wood box in the kitchen, crafting supplies cupboard in the crafting area. We'd need wood planks, nails, bolts, and maybe hinges (from metal sheet).
  4. Or make candles from jute and beeswax.
  5. Or add a plant which can provide oil. Will need to craft a press to process.
  6. I have a tree next to the cabin where I can harvest hoof fungus twice a day. I hope this is not a bug, because it's very useful! But in reality wouldn't fungus tend to grow in the same place again (although perhaps not so regularly)?
  7. I've only ever found seeds at the towers, so if they stop re-spawning there, where else can they be found? I haven't been able to get them from plants in my greenhouse or in the wild - is there something else I should know?
  8. Correction: Watering can already needs refilling from river. But it would be nice I think to craft a water butt and upgrade to a well, then a pump
  9. I thought it refilled itself but it doesn't any more. How do I refill it, or do I have to craft a new one? Can't play until someone answers, because all my plants will die!
  10. What is the purpose of chicory? I added some to a recipe but it didn't improve it at all.
  11. I reached day 32 but now have to start again as there is no more food left within reach of the cabin. I even built a greenhouse but I can't survive till my first harvest, I keep dying before I can get home to cook my food! I'd prefer if edibles grew in bigger patches so you could eat a few and leave some for next day, or take the rest home and not have to look for food every day. And some wild fruit trees. Will there be food spoilage? With maybe food preservation which would take time but make the food last longer. Will there ever be seasons? Definitely need preservation then. Why do
  12. Oh that thing! But mine is orange?
  13. Or more growing together, at least in damp shady areas.
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