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  1. I constantly get 404 errors on this site whenever I try to go to topics from other people's pages, or whenever I click on a notification I have.
  2. I think that there should be a hunting mechanic included into the game to get food that provides more saturation than the plants around the forest. There would be different methods of obtaining this food such as (but not limited to) A bow and a quiver of arrows Traps (for rabbits and smaller animals) Spears (For spear fishing or fighting wolves) Bear trap? (to immobilize bears temporarily) Different animals would also give different amounts of food and saturation: Birds: One piece of meat and light amount of saturation when cooked (Killed with bow) Rabbits: One piece of meat that gives better amounts of saturation when cooked (Killed with traps) Deer: 2-3 pieces of meat that give full saturation when cooked (killed with bow) I also believe that there should be more predators in the game Wolves: live in packs near caves and aggressive to the player Fox: Hunts rabbits, is adorable, and is passive to the player, but runs when the player gets near. And squirrels.
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