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Found 2 results

  1. Some might recognise the contents of this feedback from somewhere else, rest assure it is not plagiarism and the original author have given permission to post it here in an edited form. This is also not an accusation that anyone with similar ideas are plagiarising. We highly welcome everyone who have similar ideas! This thread will split into 3 parts: Item suggestions, Gameplay suggestions and Feedback. Item Suggestions Let's start with food/nature: Animals Frogs and Toads. Frogs will be near water and Toad will be found inland. Ducks Snails Crayfish (Ak
  2. I love the idea of the campfire, however I feel that a one time use is not satisfying. I have noticed that the campfire after the fire has gone out. it will linger on the ground for a while. it would be so awesome if we could refill the campfire with sticks, and have some way to re-light the fire. perhaps with a fire starter kit. I think that would be a good general idea, and just have it where you can only re-light the campfire three times before you have to craft another, same as the tent.
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