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  1. So I see a lot of potential for this game as a not-so-apocaliptic The Long Dark. But it definitely needs some work in order not to get boring after day 3 or 4. - It's very hard to lose life - you can jump off a cliff without a scratch and it's totaly possible to go through days without an encounter with an animal. - It would be smart if the water (and wet clothes) affected temperature (and life) - I don't know if that's possible but the storage at the house should be able to expand (or we should be able to create new storage facilities) - I wonder if the idea of adding another regions was thought? It would make the gameplay more interesting, if we could occupy other houses in different surroundings - Maybe some other features? Like variations in weather, the ability to sleep outside the house... I love exploration games though, and I see a lot of potential. The landscape is pretty, the soundtrack too and the general idea (maybe a story behind the game would be nice) is great!
  2. Was inside of cabin after waking up to submit some feedback. Hit F2 and nothing happened. Tried key again several times just to be safe, even tried holding the key. Nothing happened. Playing version 0.3.24. Technically was playing a new game? It's my very first play-through (I literally bought the game a couple of hours ago), though I believe I was somewhere between day 6-8 when this happened if I remember correctly.
  3. I was thinking it would be cool since you’re in the woods, you gotta have Sasquatch! So randomly you’ll come back to your cabin and find it ransacked, things you’ve crafted missing and there’d be evidence that is left behind like “strange mystery fur”. Oh! And That’s where “traps” would come in handy! So starts a new quest: you have to put all the evidence and clues together that the Sasquatch leaves behind or that you track down. For instance you could be walking in the woods and find a bear torn in half and there’s a clue but then! spooky music would start playing.. do you dare investigate the remains or do you keep on going in case the Sasquatch is still around... sometimes he is sometimes he isn’t.. Once all the clues/evidence are put together you can now track Sasquatch to his hideout and once you are able to defeat him or at least wound him in some way you find that his lair leads to....(drum roll) another giant unexplored map! With Dinosaurs. idk I’m just spit balling! Does anyone else want to add to this? Sasquatch would be amazing tho!
  4. Just got the game, quick question as such, will there be an FOV slider?
  5. First of all I want to say, "PRE-ALPHA?!" I was expecting far less polish and a lot more bugs. Most of what I did come by to comment on was already being discussed in one post or another so I've added a like to those along with my reply. That being said, this post can be more of a summary of my first 21 days in game. Note to self: Discarding an item is NOT the same as dropping an item. The game is gorgeous. The the colors and sounds create an amazing atmosphere that sways between peaceful and unsettling, at least in normal survival. It feels like being completely alone in the forest. Days, sun up to sun down, seem to pass quickly which scales down to affect everything from how fast sticks burn in the oven to how fast a meal keeps your hunger satiated. With the color palettes you're using, a little more time to enjoy the sunset wouldn't be a bad thing. So far, I have built the cabin and expanded it with the crafting room, kitchen, and attic storage (in that order). I've crafted an axe, a lockpick, a compass, a map, and a first-aid kit. As for resources, the only none-lootable resource I've created is the sheet metal. Glue has eluded me so far. Can you actually find lime and resin? Do I need to craft the pick or other equipment first? The kitchen as been great for making beet soup, mushroom soup, beet-mushroom-berry soup... you get the idea. If I could just figure out how to create some kind of trap with the sticks and rope, I could definitely cull the ever expanding rabbit population. The attic storage is nice. I really needed the increased space for items, you can only carry so many sticks in a bundle so my backpack was filling up quick. It would be helpful to craft per-room storage containers as well. The structures are built-in with each room having drawers, boxes, shelves, etc. I'm having trouble finding blueprints for the other items I can craft. I found a few at the tower / scaffold locations near my house but the ones I've found further out have been guarded by a bear. I have no idea how to get close enough to loot the crates / boxes without getting attacked by the bear so I feel like I'm missing out on progressing further. I think figuring out how to craft the pick and fishing pole will change that. Other than that, I've been enjoying exploring and discovering the map. The UI issues I've noticed are super minor. Some stuttering & wonky interaction animations here and there but no crashes or any bugs that make it unplayable. Like I mentioned earlier, for a pre-alpha game, I'm really impressed with how well it plays. I can't wait to see what's next!
  6. Hi everyone! I come to you with an idea about other language versions of the game. English is common and that's a fact, but I think that translation could help new and younger players get to know the game. Personally I would like to suggest translating Among Trees to polish language. I'd do it myself if the devs would let me (completely for free, without payment of course). I'm writing this post because I think that here we've got many people from various countries that would be as ready and happy as me to help with new languages. Let me know what you think about this idea. Waiting for response
  7. During Alpha, when hundreds of minor changes and tweaks are pushed per update, saves will inevitably break. As such, many players won't be in a position to test and give feedback on features when they are released, especially in the 'endgame'. Many might not be willing to, given that a lot of the game's content will have to be replayed in order to get to the content, at which point they can finally provide feedback. No, I'm not asking for a cheat mode. A game mode might work, wherein structures and crafting is essentially free, and can be switched off permanently once you've reached your previous level of progression. Obviously this would be a pain to implement, as I know all too well whenever someone says "just do (x)" or "all it would take is (y)"; it generally means another ten hours of work, but I believe that easier access to previous progress in a game is paramount to keeping players motivated to keep playing, and thus keep testing. Sidenote, you may want to provide a disclaimer telling people not to provide feedback on the progression curve or resource density after having played in the 'recovery mode'.
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