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Found 3 results

  1. So I see a lot of potential for this game as a not-so-apocaliptic The Long Dark. But it definitely needs some work in order not to get boring after day 3 or 4. - It's very hard to lose life - you can jump off a cliff without a scratch and it's totaly possible to go through days without an encounter with an animal. - It would be smart if the water (and wet clothes) affected temperature (and life) - I don't know if that's possible but the storage at the house should be able to expand (or we should be able to create new storage facilities) - I wonder if the idea of adding another regions was thought? It would make the gameplay more interesting, if we could occupy other houses in different surroundings - Maybe some other features? Like variations in weather, the ability to sleep outside the house... I love exploration games though, and I see a lot of potential. The landscape is pretty, the soundtrack too and the general idea (maybe a story behind the game would be nice) is great!
  2. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to start a new topic here. I have more of a general question and I don't think it really fits anywhere here. You ask us about new items, size of the map, possible co-op and more. For me the question is a much more important one. Where is the game going? Is there a story coming? Do we have to escape in the end? Or is it just surviving in the end? The lategame is a crucial part. I'll take Subnautica as an example. It is also a survival game. In the end we have to escape from the planet and everything we have built up we leave behind. That's something I don't like. Because if we just leave at the end, why should I explore, craft and upgrade everything. Maybe the developers should give us a guideline here. It's not that I don't like the ideas. But if we knew better where we were going, we could be better and more specific.
  3. Just got the game, quick question as such, will there be an FOV slider?
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