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Found 3 results

  1. I am a keen fisher. I also love to spend time in games doing the same thing. A LOT of time In a game like AMONG TREES it's so much more alluring. The light and colors draw you to the water's edge. Now, I have some ideas about some inclusions for the game regarding this and I would like to see other players Add to the List or just Vote Up. The idea of using a boat on the lakes to gain access to a hardier and larger catch. Inclusion of Lures & Bait. Shoreside Camping with ability to Save Game. Diving for Resources i.e. Spear Fishing (or Fun). Alligators...and other wrigley nasties. Access to other Shoreline (expansion of gaming area). Just enjoying the experience.
  2. Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert on this game. My total playtime is probably less than 72 hours. Nonetheless I am going to share the notes I took while fishing. So far I have experienced 5 types of fish. All of which give you a filet and bones. Two of which give you a skin. I have yet to try fishing in the ocean, if anyone else has experienced any other fish anywhere please comment! Rain Perch - Spacing on tension line: Medium Pine Bleak - Spacing on tension line: Large Waltz Bleak (skin)- Spacing on tension: Small/Medium Redfin Perch (skin)- Spacing on tension: Small/Medium Northern Pike Perch - Spacing on tension: Small (these tend to always move fast) P.S. went to the ocean, theres no fish there.
  3. Anyone else feel the same? It feels like by the time you see the ripple, the fish are already "gone" by the time you've cast your line. Like it's so random. The mini-game where you catch it once they do bite is okay. But getting a bite seems like 100% random chance. I've gone literal in-game days between catching a fish. I hope it gets tweaked. I'd rather just "cast your line and wait" minigame, instead of chasing after the ripples. What's funny is that I Can *SEE* fish swimming around.
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