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  1. Share your beautiful nature hike on here!
  2. Some might recognise the contents of this feedback from somewhere else, rest assure it is not plagiarism and the original author have given permission to post it here in an edited form. This is also not an accusation that anyone with similar ideas are plagiarising. We highly welcome everyone who have similar ideas! This thread will split into 3 parts: Item suggestions, Gameplay suggestions and Feedback. Item Suggestions Let's start with food/nature: Animals Frogs and Toads. Frogs will be near water and Toad will be found inland. Ducks Snails Crayfish (Aka Crawfish) + Crayfish Trap. Crayfish trap can only catch Crayfish but it could be a slow and not so rewarding method to balance things out. Fish roe Dropped randomly when fishing. Can be eaten raw. Plants Herbs and Spices Bishop's Lace (Vildmorot) Wood Sorrel (Hasyra) Evening Primrose (Nattljus) Oregano Thyme - As far as I know these are all native to Sweden. Can be used in dishes to add minor bonuses as well as provide variety. Wild edible plants Lingonberries Blueberries/Bilberries Raspberries Wild Strawberries - All of these plants are found in the wild and are native to Sweden. In-game they are basically the same as Blackberries, this is just to give variety. Fruit Trees European Plum Sweet Cherry European Pear - Once again, native to Sweden and the blossoms of these would match the art style well. Greenhouse plants Potatoes Carrots Onions Cabbage Peas Leeks Squash - I choose these because they are naturalised in Sweden too, thus available in the wild. Medicinal Plants Arnica/Slåttergubbe/Hästfibbla (Arnica montana) - Pain relief Everlasting/Hedblomster (Helichrysum arenarium) - Anti-allergy, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant St. John’s wort/Äkta johannesört (Hypericum perforatum) - Anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral Roseroot/Rosenrot (Rhodiola rosea) - Stimulant, energy booster. Basically Nordic Ginseng. - Again, native to Sweden. Minerals Rock salt. Mineable from rocks, edible. Crystals, gems, gold and silver nuggets. Small little trinkets mineable all across the map from caves to cliffsides. Mostly for use in decorations. Others A bench. To sit and enjoy the view and ambience. Equipment slot upgrade on backpack. Allows player to hang 2 equipment on the sides, one on the front of the backpack and maybe one more slot on the top and bottom of the pack. Currently would be for the axe, pickaxe and fishing rod + tent & campfire. Toolbelt upgrade to outfits. Allows players to hold compass and lockpicks without taking up inventory space. Gameplay Suggestions Extension suggestions Beer brewery/Winery/Distillery - Why not? Rabbit cage/farm - Analogous to Apiary suggestion. In order to breed, rabbits will have to be fed with something you grow that isn't found in the wild to balance it as a food source. Existing rabbits may not need to be fed (Could be solved with a food pile drawn into the farm for aesthetic purposes), this could satisfy those who just want to keep the rabbits as pets. Massive Proposals Mini-Extensions Proposal This to add mini-extensions (ME) to help fill up main extensions and gives the player more things to do, hence creating a better attachment to their cabin once everything is fully upgraded. It also adds a small amount of complexity to the crafting system to make it more engaging and realistic but not too much so it becomes unnecessarily difficult on the higher levels. There should be around 1 to 3 MEs per extensions and should range between 1/3 and below the cost of main extensions, depending on the size of the upgrade. Some should require blueprints to balance things. Examples would be: Crafting room – Tool rack for holding hammer, saw, manual antique hand drill, etc. Each of these tools are the MEs, they should not be added to the inventory but remain in place as a ME. Greenhouse – Compost bin (Use unwanted food items to hasten growth), Small heater made of clay (retains water through moisture control – works best with charcoal suggestion.) Cooking room – Coolgardie safe/zeer pot (Low tech fridge that you just need water to keep it cool) Sewing room – Sewing kit (To save resources, but expensive to craft), simple hand loom (to sew higher level stuffs) Forge/Smith Room Some of the items we can craft doesn’t make sense without this room, e.g. metal plates, bolts from pipes and nails from wires, this room is suggested to be attached to the crafting room, parallel to the greenhouse. This room will process clay items and salvaged steel items into pottery stuff and metal items like plates, nails and bolts. It should have 3 MEs: Kiln-Furnace- I’ve read that kilns can be used for smelting ores, so it should be able to soften steel enough to be worked. Stone wheel- Potter’s wheel and grinding wheel combo. Theoretically possible. Anvil + Smiting set- Anvil and an aesthetic for slack tub (water tub for quenching) + Tool set on rack (like the crafting room ME): For hanging tongs, hammer, chisel, fuller and hardy. This is one entire set to balance out the cost. Tiered Crafting Proposal for crafted items to have tiers; the higher the tier, the more you need one of the aforementioned mini-extensions to create. Suggest to have only 3 tiers max; tier 1 will only require base expansions, tier 2 will require 1 or 2 MEs, tier 3 will require all MEs and maybe even inter-expansion involvement. Example 1: 3 levels of axes: Crude axe (made of salvage steel but lacks in quality) Flint axe (Thanks to numerous flint suggestions. Sharper but still much to desire) Crafted axe (made of processed steel [forge extension], best quality) Example 2: Coolgardie safe suggestion is a tier 3 ME. It could need a burlap weaved in the sewing room with the Loom ME and then its metal & wooden frame assemble in the workshop before finally combining them in the kitchen. Plank fuel + Charcoal production Upgraded stoves can use planks. Stoves also produce charcoal if using planks. To prevent charcoal hoarding (which will affect the forging suggestion), I suggest the stove to implement the ME suggestion too, so that only upgraded stoves can produce charcoal. Planks will produce 1-2 dollop of charcoal under this scheme. Furnace will only use charcoal and could produce ashes by chance for the compost bin suggestion. Item degradation + Repair System Items like equipped tools, maybe clothes and backpack, degrade but are never broken, they are just rendered unusable and needs to be repair; like water can refilling. Matched with Tiered items, the higher the tier the longer they last but more expensive to repair. Repair shouldn’t be overly expensive, definitely below 1/2 the original crafting cost. Neither should decay rate be too high (could be regulated by difficulty). Hunting If hunting is ever implemented and requires the usage of projectiles, there could be a hitbox trigger that automatically homes the projectile right into the heart of the animal so that it can be depicted as being dispatched off as humanely as possible in a hunting scenario. The hitbox should be around the chest area and if you aim anywhere else your shot will miss by flying over the animal or landing short and scaring them away. This to prevent depiction of excess cruelty by having animals run off injured. Depositing of materials into pre-constructed extensions. Allow pre-constructed extensions to hold the needed crafting items. The needed items can be added to the construction tab first and save storage space. The only item that can really be abused through this are planks, but then again, the benefits of building the rooms should outweigh the hoarding of planks during early game, where charcoal production (if implemented) is still unavailable. Feedback Let us arrange items in our inventory and storage by dragging. Auto re-equip held item after picking up items - Perhaps they just picked up something with one hand. Or they just placed whatever they were holding back into the pocket or on the ground. Whatever the case, they re-equip whatever they were holding right away after picking something up. Auto-walk function - Would help some players with the tedious aspect while also creating an option where players can just stroll through the game relaxingly. And that is all after a massive post. Feel free to add on or suggest improvements!
  3. Feedback: Gameplay systems are obviously a very delicate balancing act. The debuffs aren't well-balanced. They have to be intuitive enough to avoid causing frustration - presenting a challenge, task, or goal with a solution to overcome it. They have to stand out enough to contribute to the overall gameplay (else it becomes 'busy work' or 'filler') They have to be explained in a concise, meaningful way that doesn't impede progress or the learning curve. As-is, bleeding can kill you and softlock your progress if you've saved after being injured. Last time I checked, poisoning can do the same. The debuff system creates a sense of urgency and danger (point #2), but it can be encountered before the 'challenge' in point #1 has an available solution. Suggestion: There are two solutions I'd like to suggest to the issues caused by the debuff system in place right now: Bleeding is caused by the bear. Don't introduce the bear until the player has a means to overcome the challenge. This means introduce the bear after the player can craft a first-aid kit at the crafting bench. Food poisoning can kill you outright, but introducing food poisoning later on makes no intuitive sense (point #1). Don't kill the player with it. The player should be weakened to near-death for the remainder of that day, but not killed outright. Weakening the player for the rest of the day provides fair punishment for a mistake, but doesn't kill them without providing a solution (a beverage or first-aid kit that will be unlocked as the cabin is built). Hopefully FJRD can look over this and let me know what they think - because the current system as I've seen it doesn't feel right and has been a source of frustration and a good amount of reddit threads that end in 'start a new game', which is a really bad look for a potential buyer. Thanks for your consideration!
  4. So far I love this game. It is beautiful and relaxing. That being said, it could use a few tweaks. such as a collision system for the falling trees with a more predictable fall pattern. Instead of falling and bursting into material (essentially being waisted when it falls through a rock or hill) The trees should fall and collide with any object, rolling off until it rests on the ground and then you should use the ax to harvest material. Also, another note, This game needs to utilize a skill tree with skills that allow you to harvest faster, make better items, locate certain material such as beets and the autumn leaves on the map, and so on. These, I think would improve the game, what do you guys think?
  5. I know this has been mentioned but I just wanted to throw in my request as well. I just found out about this game and could see completely losing myself in the beautiful environment.... BUT.. These days I try and do as much as I can with my partner and/or small friend group. I would love a relaxing game like this where my partner and I could build up our place or spend time just exploring. Not having the option to play together is the reason I didn't purchase it on the spot and I don't plan to unless this feature gets added, I signed up for the updates and wish listed. It looks like a beautiful game and I wish the team all the best!
  6. First of all i want to say this is a fantastic even when beeing a pre Aplha. The following ideas may have already been said but: + Animals (chickens, rabit pets, foxes, insects, sheep for wool) + Building ( maybe create youre own home, smeltery for iron works, fences for around the house, furniture, composter, foodmaker for animals) + Recources (metal for metal works, wool from sheep for clothing, diffrent types of wood) + Tools (Clippers and/or sheers, a saw for better wood cutting, a hammer if you have to build things on youre own, flashlight to explore nights) + Other ( Save book to take with you, that u can sleep early so you can explore the night) That where all the ideas for extra things i could come up with, its an great game and i enjoy it much)
  7. First of all I want to say, "PRE-ALPHA?!" I was expecting far less polish and a lot more bugs. Most of what I did come by to comment on was already being discussed in one post or another so I've added a like to those along with my reply. That being said, this post can be more of a summary of my first 21 days in game. Note to self: Discarding an item is NOT the same as dropping an item. The game is gorgeous. The the colors and sounds create an amazing atmosphere that sways between peaceful and unsettling, at least in normal survival. It feels like being completely alone in the forest. Days, sun up to sun down, seem to pass quickly which scales down to affect everything from how fast sticks burn in the oven to how fast a meal keeps your hunger satiated. With the color palettes you're using, a little more time to enjoy the sunset wouldn't be a bad thing. So far, I have built the cabin and expanded it with the crafting room, kitchen, and attic storage (in that order). I've crafted an axe, a lockpick, a compass, a map, and a first-aid kit. As for resources, the only none-lootable resource I've created is the sheet metal. Glue has eluded me so far. Can you actually find lime and resin? Do I need to craft the pick or other equipment first? The kitchen as been great for making beet soup, mushroom soup, beet-mushroom-berry soup... you get the idea. If I could just figure out how to create some kind of trap with the sticks and rope, I could definitely cull the ever expanding rabbit population. The attic storage is nice. I really needed the increased space for items, you can only carry so many sticks in a bundle so my backpack was filling up quick. It would be helpful to craft per-room storage containers as well. The structures are built-in with each room having drawers, boxes, shelves, etc. I'm having trouble finding blueprints for the other items I can craft. I found a few at the tower / scaffold locations near my house but the ones I've found further out have been guarded by a bear. I have no idea how to get close enough to loot the crates / boxes without getting attacked by the bear so I feel like I'm missing out on progressing further. I think figuring out how to craft the pick and fishing pole will change that. Other than that, I've been enjoying exploring and discovering the map. The UI issues I've noticed are super minor. Some stuttering & wonky interaction animations here and there but no crashes or any bugs that make it unplayable. Like I mentioned earlier, for a pre-alpha game, I'm really impressed with how well it plays. I can't wait to see what's next!
  8. I bought a key of the game yesterday, and I must say that the game is even more beautiful than I imagined! I have been a big fan of the work of Mikael Gustafsson for a while now, and thanks to him I found this amazing game. When I played for a hour or two, I encountered some bugs. I hope im in the right place to report those; if not, let me know - When chopping for wood some of the trees never fell; the chopping animation was completed but the tree remained standing up. Maybe some way to 'push' the tree would be helpful, like in the game 'The Forest'. - Some of the trees - after being chopped and falling down- fell down inside a rock or other part if the map, which caused the wood and sticks to be lost. - I occasionally fell in a canyon or cliff of sorts. This caused me to get stuck; the only way to get out was to reload the latest savegame. Sometimes I even fell trough the map causing me to fall for a long time, until I eventually reloaded my last savegame. I look forward to seeing this game being developed, it certainly has a lot of potential!
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