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  1. I know you are considering it, but hear me out! I wish for it to be an option (and not something forced) To go more in depth: For those who want to do "more" and want to follow the real life of survival should have the option to do this. Forge an bow/Spear/traps to catch prey like rabbits, bear pelt etc. I wouldnt consider this a "real" survival game without it. You could add moderation on blood (or no blood at all) Make it more like Minecrafts route on the whole thing. Use the bear pelts to craft winter clothing, bed, furnishing etc. Use meat to craft food, fat to craft water r
  2. I think that there should be a hunting mechanic included into the game to get food that provides more saturation than the plants around the forest. There would be different methods of obtaining this food such as (but not limited to) A bow and a quiver of arrows Traps (for rabbits and smaller animals) Spears (For spear fishing or fighting wolves) Bear trap? (to immobilize bears temporarily) Different animals would also give different amounts of food and saturation: Birds: One piece of meat and light amount of saturation when cooked (Killed with bow)
  3. Some might recognise the contents of this feedback from somewhere else, rest assure it is not plagiarism and the original author have given permission to post it here in an edited form. This is also not an accusation that anyone with similar ideas are plagiarising. We highly welcome everyone who have similar ideas! This thread will split into 3 parts: Item suggestions, Gameplay suggestions and Feedback. Item Suggestions Let's start with food/nature: Animals Frogs and Toads. Frogs will be near water and Toad will be found inland. Ducks Snails Crayfish (Ak
  4. From reading the FAQ I know it's still a bit up in the air regarding hunting-- I have to say that I can see why it's a bit of a push pull type of thing in terms of for/against implementation. One of the things that is pretty nifty about Among Trees (AT) is the diversity of plant/mushroom life (including the picture of possible upcoming on the roadmap). In The Long Dark (TLD) - like with many games- you have a more simplistic food & cooking setup: meat, fish and cattails, with all of them falling under a simple calorie setup. In other games, like Green Hell (GH) things are broken down
  5. I would say add a hunting feature, we literally can fish so anyone saying otherwise needs to check themselves because fish are living creatures juts as rabbits and birds yet no one cares??? Also the fact that the bears will attack, we need something to defend ourselves, i dont think its "natural" to not be able to defend yourself also bears literally eat animals and plants, a hunting feature would just be like that we would hunt when we need to (are bears not "natural" anymore), in the wild if there isnt any plants to eat near by do you starve just because u dont want to hurt a animal? no.....
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