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Found 5 results

  1. So far, I love the idea and concept of this game. Its looks different, it plays great, and its the complete opposite of the high end graphics that AAA games always try to push to look like a reality. The simplicity in the way everything looks is a fantastic detour from the chaos of explosions, buildings falling apart using high end physics, Raytracing, and pushing the graphical limits of GPUs. I feel calm and peaceful playing....until I encounter a BEAR. So, it would be nice to be able to defend yourself and maybe even detour bears to leave an area for a short while as a small reward to be able to loot areas after "earning" your time to loot. I know killing animals isn't a consideration in this game but, just like a bear can harm you, you should be able to harm them a little too. Regarding the pet. I'm playing version PA.0.4.8 and I have the pet. (I don't have the heart to try this), but what happens to the pet if its not fed? I find I spend a full day sometimes just harvesting food for it when there are other tasks I want to accomplish instead of gathering. And lastly, (But most important to me) regards to the Map. It would be extremely helpful if you could leave "markers" in areas of the map to mark what items you found so you don't try to remember where they are. I know if I was in a real survival situation, I would mark up my map with markers and what is found there. During game play, I find a pocket of items that I need, but I have no inventory space to harvest them. Or I come across items I haven't seen before but I'm busy harvesting items I actually need at the time and need to reserve the inventory space for those items. Again, in a real situation, I would mark up my map so I can find it again. Other than that, I have nothing but great things to say about this game and can't wait to see what the next update will bring!
  2. I was thinking it would be cool since you’re in the woods, you gotta have Sasquatch! So randomly you’ll come back to your cabin and find it ransacked, things you’ve crafted missing and there’d be evidence that is left behind like “strange mystery fur”. Oh! And That’s where “traps” would come in handy! So starts a new quest: you have to put all the evidence and clues together that the Sasquatch leaves behind or that you track down. For instance you could be walking in the woods and find a bear torn in half and there’s a clue but then! spooky music would start playing.. do you dare investigate the remains or do you keep on going in case the Sasquatch is still around... sometimes he is sometimes he isn’t.. Once all the clues/evidence are put together you can now track Sasquatch to his hideout and once you are able to defeat him or at least wound him in some way you find that his lair leads to....(drum roll) another giant unexplored map! With Dinosaurs. idk I’m just spit balling! Does anyone else want to add to this? Sasquatch would be amazing tho!
  3. Thought of the possibility of instead of making the map bigger, you make another map, side by side. You can get there by going through a small alleyway, or breaking a large tree stump with an upgraded axe or something. Each map has a cabin that can be upgraded, *possibly each maps cabin is unique but idk* and each map has its own biomes, its own types of mineral deposits, its own wildlife etc, therefore leaving (theoretically) never ending room for expansions, addition, updates, etc. Maybe the next map they could work on is a frozen forest that you need better clothes to even enter...
  4. Disappears part of the map after restarting the game.
  5. 1. Butterflies under water, see the screenshot 2. Water can is still in my hands, but I've put it in the storage box (see my video at OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtM4md-f4Ra_gvwYp3KOzIcFXP_FSQ?e=yHL5U1) 3. I see the bear on my map while I'm playing Zen (without bears), see another screenshot
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