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Found 2 results

  1. I am a keen fisher. I also love to spend time in games doing the same thing. A LOT of time In a game like AMONG TREES it's so much more alluring. The light and colors draw you to the water's edge. Now, I have some ideas about some inclusions for the game regarding this and I would like to see other players Add to the List or just Vote Up. The idea of using a boat on the lakes to gain access to a hardier and larger catch. Inclusion of Lures & Bait. Shoreside Camping with ability to Save Game. Diving for Resources i.e. Spear Fishing (or Fun). Alligators...and other wrigley nasties. Access to other Shoreline (expansion of gaming area). Just enjoying the experience.
  2. I was thinking it would be cool since you’re in the woods, you gotta have Sasquatch! So randomly you’ll come back to your cabin and find it ransacked, things you’ve crafted missing and there’d be evidence that is left behind like “strange mystery fur”. Oh! And That’s where “traps” would come in handy! So starts a new quest: you have to put all the evidence and clues together that the Sasquatch leaves behind or that you track down. For instance you could be walking in the woods and find a bear torn in half and there’s a clue but then! spooky music would start playing.. do you dare investigate the remains or do you keep on going in case the Sasquatch is still around... sometimes he is sometimes he isn’t.. Once all the clues/evidence are put together you can now track Sasquatch to his hideout and once you are able to defeat him or at least wound him in some way you find that his lair leads to....(drum roll) another giant unexplored map! With Dinosaurs. idk I’m just spit balling! Does anyone else want to add to this? Sasquatch would be amazing tho!
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