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Found 3 results

  1. Hey so I was wondering if there is a chance to add multiplayer to this game cause a friend and I really want to play together we think it might be fun and we are having the best time of our lives right now on the game (Among Trees) you should have heard my friend scream for his life cause of the bear chasing him it was funny, anyways. I think it would be really fun to add a multiplayer system. So please DO NOT abandoned this game please this is a really good survival game I love it sooo much. 10/10
  2. i wanna play this game with my buddies bro please add a cool like co op or something
  3. I know this has been mentioned but I just wanted to throw in my request as well. I just found out about this game and could see completely losing myself in the beautiful environment.... BUT.. These days I try and do as much as I can with my partner and/or small friend group. I would love a relaxing game like this where my partner and I could build up our place or spend time just exploring. Not having the option to play together is the reason I didn't purchase it on the spot and I don't plan to unless this feature gets added, I signed up for the updates and wish listed. It looks like a beautiful game and I wish the team all the best!
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