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Found 2 results

  1. Heya! After searching in the discussions of this forum and sending an email (which I think was not the better thing to do idk) I decided to talk about my issue in a new topic, and hopefully it will help some others who have the same issue. I bought the game in closed pre-alpha when it came out last year. I played it and absolutely loved it! And Since a few weeks I came back to the game to play and clicked on the "Forum" button in the menu of the game. And then I saw that some patches were released. And that they could be downloaded on the itch.io plateform. My game is still at 0.2.9 version. The thing is that I lost the email giving me the link to the download files. And it looks like I've never created an account on itch... I don't really know how I managed to buy and download the game if an account was required. Anyway XD I downloaded the app and tried to copy past the game folder in the software and nothing happend as shown in my screenshot. Even after clicking on "scan the folder". The "Library" folder and the "Collection" folder stays empty. If someone here knows how to solve this problem I would be deeply sooooo greatful. And as I said in the email I sent, this game is such a jewel to play already and I don't mind if I just have to wait till summer on Epic or Itch This game is all I ever wanted to play and have in a game. Thanks and have a nice day And sorry if my English sounds weird, I'm french .
  2. Changes: Added a game mode selection. The new mode doesn't have dangerous bears Added game difficulties. Easy, normal and hard Day cycle visuals v2 Increased the day cycle length (this might result in weird day cycle in old saves, it should, however, reset after sleeping again.) Increased the spawn rate and size of the Chicory item Increased the hoof fungus loot collider Increased the distance the player needs to be when refilling the water can Lowered the beehive sound and increased the smash sound Lowered the bear footstep sound range Increased stamina stats for one of the clothing items Bugfixes: Picking up an item that plays an animation and opening the inventory right after doesn't loot the item Clothes upgrade doesn't affect the temperature After crafting the final clothing, the stamina ceased to disappear Blurred vision while cooking The cooking menu sometimes plays menu sound twice Cooking menu removed more items than it should Refill tinder UI doesn't rotate towards the camera Items re-spawning on loading last save Blueprints remain visible after collecting it earlier on When pressing 0 key to unequip a tool, the fire chanterelle gets an equipped icon, when discarding it the hand icon disappears
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