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  1. I am a keen fisher. I also love to spend time in games doing the same thing. A LOT of time In a game like AMONG TREES it's so much more alluring. The light and colors draw you to the water's edge. Now, I have some ideas about some inclusions for the game regarding this and I would like to see other players Add to the List or just Vote Up. The idea of using a boat on the lakes to gain access to a hardier and larger catch. Inclusion of Lures & Bait. Shoreside Camping with ability to Save Game. Diving for Resources i.e. Spear Fishing (or Fun). Alligators...and other wrigley nasties. Access to other Shoreline (expansion of gaming area). Just enjoying the experience.
  2. Some Among tree game ideas, not sure if these are already mentioned but here we go: Logbook to keep track on found animals/plants/mushroom etc More animals, flowers, plants.. Mountain climbing, higher up the mountain gets colder, a warm outfit required? More mining, more ores Furnace to smelt ores, maybe create more furniture, useful items Npc's, living somewhere in the forest, spawning certain date or permanent. Npc item shops or quests Lost items, player would have to find clues to find these and dig them up. Useful items Some plant that cures illness Gardening outside, plants, fruits, berries, trees A diary to write notes or about your days survived in Among trees Find random notes, add a little story to the game. Just some ideas i would like to see in Among trees, really love the game so far!
  3. A suggestion I have would be to add some mysterious creatures that lurk around the house, or just the map itself. This game gives off a good vibe, sort of reminds me of The Forest. I think if there's more creatures, people who live on the island, it can give off more story. Also yes, this game lacks a bit of story for what it is, and yes I know it is early access atm. Having more Story to this game will definitely add more. For example, who is your character, how did he/she end up in this place, what lives in the "trees" etc.
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